Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Potholes, sinkholes, washboards . . .

In today's SP (May 16/12) the businesses groups in the airport area are complaining about the poor condition of the roads.  I invite them into my neighbourhood if they want to experience broken down roads.

The article also notes how little money is budgeted for road repair and rehabilitation.  According to city administration the city needs $18.5 million a year to maintain current conditions.  How much for improved conditions?  This year the city is spending $9.5, so I guess my area is out of the running for repair.  But it's an election year and the tax increase was a concern.

It begs the question "How did we get to this sorry state?"  The answer is spending priorities.  It makes the decision to take the $1.5 million out of the roadway repair reserve to fund the first year operating costs of the new art gallery even more shameful.

Next year, after the election, expect to have a "special levy" added to your tax bill for roadway purposes.  And then ask yourself what the rest of your taxes pay for.

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