Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bridging the future

Recent reports state that the City will spend about a $1 million take down a section of Traffic Bridge on the Nutana side in order to open up the MVA trail and roadways.  As I live in this area, I am pleased to have the road opened.  And the $1 million would have to be spent eventually to deal with the de-construction of the bridge.

But at the same time we are told that there is no funding source to proceed with the re-construction of the Traffic Bridge, although the decision was made to re-build it.

Then about a week ago the Mayor was reported to have said that a new North commuter bridge would be built by 2016.  But no funding source was identified.  And it would seem that this is in addition to a North Bridge that will be built in conjunction with the province's plan for a perimeter highway around Saskatoon.

We already know that re-build of the Traffic Bridge will fun about $30 million if we re-use the existing piers.

What will a new North commuter bridge cost when you have to add on the cost on pier construction?

Better yet, when the new South Bridge opens and traffic is diverted away from the Circle Drive bridge, will a new North commuter bridge be necessary?

Or is this just election year politics?

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  1. Sadly, everyone, especially the mayor and council, and city hall workers, has/have their own agenda, and it seems to change like the weather. We don't have a solid plan for Saskatoon's future development...the city can't even pay for maintenance of the existing system. The taxpayers always get shafted in terms of quality of life and amount of taxes paid. Partly, it is our own fault for not being more proactive, and forcing certain issues, especially now with social networking. Shame. Saskatoon is a beautiful place, but it could be much better.


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