Friday, November 19, 2010

Can the money tree get Dutch Elm disease?

"We realize taxpayers . . . have a limited ability to pay." Quote by Mayor Atch in SP (Nov. 19/10) in article 'Police budget approved.'

I wish that were true. Today's SP also reported on another major expenditure, that being the purchase of lands for the bus barns and approximately $100 million to develop the site selected. This expenditure adds to the other hundreds of millions being spent.

I know the barns have to move and the idea of developing the North downtown is appealing. But could we finish and pay for some of the other projects before we start anew? How about some priorities on these projects. Could we hold off, or reconsider, a $66 million art gallery? Could we try satellite police precincts rather than $100 million for a new station? The list goes on.

When does it end?


  1. It ends next election when Fat Cat Atchinson gets voted out of office.

    My biggest concern is that another viable candidate doesn't run for Mayor and we end up with another race between Atch and someone like Lenore Swystun.

    Provided there is a reasonable alternative, Atch and his spending will be gone in 2012

  2. We need some new untainted blood with business to run for council. Do they not realize that writing a cheque means having the money? geez!
    However in saying this, This is great news for Caswell residents who breath in these bus fumes on a daily basis......

  3. I like the mistress comment. Edmonton has precincts on the west side - done it for years.....
    Just a comment to make to SASKATOON city police officers. DO NOT GO HOME AND MOW YOUR LAWN FOR 3 HOURS. Many seniors are at home and see the police cruiser at your house. GET TO WORK!

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