Tuesday, November 9, 2010

True Grit

Although I do not share Bob Pringle's political bent, I have always respected him for being true to his beliefs and working earnestly on behalf of his constituents at whatever elected office he held. At council, his decisions appeared to be made with sound reasoning and not merely to enhance his own future election opportunities. He didn't straddle the fence hoping to keep everyone happy - he simply made decisions based on what he believed would be in the best interest of the community. He was one of a rare breed - an honest politician.

As annoyed as I can be by elected people who cause costly by-elections because of a true lack of commitment to the office they originally ran for, in the case of Pringle I can be forgiving. The position of children's advocate is too important to be handed over to anyone other than the best the province has to offer. I think Bob is that person.

I wish Bob well in his new role and will miss his influence at the council table.


  1. Well put Mistress, best of luck to Pringle in his new position.

  2. Bob has been a role model for many politicians to take heed...Front line and in the trenches..listening to his constituents and acting...Well deserved! Congrats to Bob! He will make things happen for our children and families in this province :)

  3. Pringle deserves our support as he works on behalf of all of us. Children will benefit and ultimately we will as well. Hats off to him.


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