Friday, November 12, 2010


We have lift off. And we have unanimous approval by council for the River Landing project (SP Nov. 12/10.) My only curiosity is who are the unnamed investors?

Now I expect council to focus attention on the land designated for the live/work Eco Village. This project continues to fly under the radar and has been going nowhere slowly. I think it is a good concept but needs new leadership to get it going. The experience around the Lake Placid project should compel council to look to established local developers who have the resources and track records of getting the job done. Every year that passes is lost revenue to the city and increased taxation to the public.

Go team Saskatoon go.


  1. "unamimous" there were only six councilors present and the mayor. As usual Pat got up to hear herself speak and she rambled through some diatribe about clarity and public preception where she really seemed to be the only one who didn't understand what had happened. The stalward councilors who have supported the project all along didn't take the opportunity to say "I told you so" but instead took the high road and said nothing. Notable no shows comrade "let's consult more" Clark, "how do I decide" Hill and " how do I know how to vote now that Gord is gone" Paulson. Now let's see how the never scrutinised "green echo" project fairs?

  2. In fairness to Councillors, the meeting was called on very short notice.

  3. Of the three councillors that were not present, Paulsen and Hill have always supported the development but had raised concerns in the past about the funding and the previous developer. It appears those concerns were valid. Clark has never been a supporter of the development and if anything you need to give him credit for sticking to his guns. If you look at the last vote to sell the land to the partnership of Nasser and Lobsinger everyone voted in favour except Clark.

  4. It is not surprising that Clark, Hill and Paulsen no showed.

    I did think that Clark would show to at least continue voicing his support against anything to do with progress in Saskatoon. However, perhaps he felt better not attaching his name to being against this development that is clearly going ahead. Continue his fence sitting way.

    Hill, well he is just too dumb to understand his decision making. Every decision he makes on council is done with one question in mind: "How does this affect Darren Hill?"

    Paulsen, maybe she was too busy socialiting her way around town. Twirling her hair and wondering how she can run for Provincial office next election and if they will give her a seat next to Wyant.

    As to the comment about the meeting being called on short notice, I don't buy it. I expect that City Councillors run on the premise that they are available when the city calls. It is their job. If they can't make a meeting on a day's notice (let alone a week notice) then they are not taking their job seriously enough. This is one of the most important developments that the city has faced in the past 30 years and I would like to think that it is priority #1 in most, if not all, Councillors agendas. The fact that a decision is being made on it and 3 Councillors are not even available is embarrassing.

    I generally don't like picking on Clark, as he gets enough grief on this message board, but as my Councillor I was disappointed he did not show.

  5. Wow, what a bunch of angry tripe Anon 956am.

    What exactly is "progress" and how has Clark opposed it? Name some more examples besides opposing Lake Placid (which by the way, Clark has articulated what he would rather see quite well on several occassions).

    Last time I checked both Paulsen and Hill have other jobs, why? because as it stands we don't expect our councillors to be full-time in their jobs - contrary to what you might think.

    The current compensation level means that unless retired, or otherwise financially secure, a day job is also required. Until we change that you can't expect all Councillors to be on a 24/7 beckon call for last minute meetings....

  6. Was this a last minute emergency meeting?

    I don't expect Councillors to be on call 24/7, but I do expect when the Council is discussing and voting on the most important project for the City in the last 30 years that Councillors will ensure they are able to attend the meeting.

    I would love to see the reaction here if the Conservative MPs had 'missed' or were unable to make an 'emergency' meeting on the PCS-BHP issue. I wouldn't expect the Sask MPs to be able to attend every meeting, but they better damn well be there for the important ones.

    This is a major decision for this City and I expected better from Council. Re Clark, despite disagreeing with his views often, I really wanted to see him there for this vote/meeting. As the biggest opponent of the project his input and perspective would've been nice to hear before the vote.

    As I said, if this was a meeting on something else I don't mind, but this is a major decision that MY REPRESENTATIVE couldn't bother to attend. Similarly, when the issue that is the Traffic Bridge is being discussed I expect all Councillors to be in attendance, even if the meeting is called on short notice.

    Unlike yourself maybe, I plan on being in Saskatoon for the long term and I am aware that decisions being made now will impact the city for decades to come. Why shouldn't I expect my elected representative be available for an emergency meeting once or twice a year? Especially on something so important.

  7. It wasn't that important. It was a done deal.

    There are much more important things in this city then a hotel/condo development....

  8. Are you nuts? That piece of real estate is the most critical piece of development we have in the city right now. It has been a hot topic of discussion for Sir Spend-a-Lot's (Atch)entire tenure.

    Your dismissive 'hotel/condo' reference leads me to believe that you oppose the project and are crying sour grapes now. No wonder you feel like sulking that it was a done deal, if Council didn't vote for it to be a done deal it would not have been.

    I don't blame a minion like you for sulking and downplaying the issue, but I expect more from my representative than to skip the meeting and sulk over not getting his way.

  9. We are all very fortunate that Dubois and Heidt showed up. Their knowledge and guidance on city council have made the city what it is today!

  10. Rumour has it that Clark is in Amsterdam for a 2 day conference on housing. After that he is taking 12 days for himnself to relax in Europe. Good news is he is only charging taxpayers for 2 nights accommodation rather than 14 nights he will be away.

  11. "crying" "sulking" "minion"....such a great level of debate...

    My "opposition" to the project was based on the participation of Lake Placid, ultimately my mis-givings of that company was shown to be justified, unfortunately, taxpayers have been taken on a 3 year joy ride because of that company and the "stalward" councillors who kept extending deadlines.

    I wish Victory Major best of luck developing their high end dream, if only so taxpayers are only on the hook for Council's mistakes for another 4 years.

    if it was such a critical piece of real estate it would have been developed years ago.....

    I'll go back to sulking now....

  12. haha .... "Their knowledge and guidance on city council have made the city what it is today"

    So true! Screw up after screw up after screw up!

  13. As a taxpayer of City Council, I would expect a full time commitment!! Councillors are paid very well... Those leaders working 2 jobs should decide priorities?

  14. Really, 7:54 - do you know how much they're paid? Or is any remuneration "very well."

  15. Remuneration is 50K plus allowances! I could be low!

  16. And the average wage for a Saskatonian with one degree was over $56K a year in 2005 according to StatsCan.

    And since 2005, average Saskatoon wages have increased 25%. This means people with one degree should expect 70K+ on average in the Saskatoon labour market.

    50K doesn't seem like a full-time remuneration to me if we expect qualified individuals.

  17. my point is - it is a full time commitment.

  18. Agreed.

    So as a "taxpayer of City Council" are you willing to pay fair market value for a full-time commitment?

  19. To above, yes.

    I'd rather pay $70k for full time commitment than $50k for part-time and at their leisure commitment.

  20. Is somebody kidding us? Is there any way to varify that Charlie has gone off to a housing conference in Amsterdam on our dime and extending his stay? This cannot be true and if it is there is something really wrong with the system that determines where' when and how councillors spend our money! I am looking out my window right now as I write this and my sidewalk and curb are crumbling and there are two pot holes that I can literally hear cars hitting as they go by, I live in Charlie's, ward on 9th street, and the city sending a councillor, any councillor to europe for a conference is obsene when our infastructure is in the condition it is.

  21. As usual the comments here are way off topic from the original Blog. I think the whole city should get behind Mr. Nasser and what is now his and his families project. We wanted local and we have got local, we as a community, all be it through our "community counciltation" process have established very stringent DCD1 zoning requirements that the proposed project meet. Short of reserecting the old tech or turning this into a park the boat has left the dock on this one and we should get behind the local investors whoever they are and cheer them on.


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