Friday, November 26, 2010

Its never to late to learn

I'm not sure how my posting yesterday generated comments on the Ward 5 by-election and particularly singled out candidate Ainsley Robertson.

A couple of years ago and friend hosted an event to assist a young woman, named Ainsley Robertson, who wanted to establish The Princess Shop, a non-profit organization that would provide evening wear for high schools students who couldn't otherwise afford to attend their graduations. We were to bring gowns, shoes, accessories and anything that could remotely be used to help these students. I was a great idea and the response was tremendous. I was very impressed by this young woman and thought she had great potential for her future.

When I heard that she was seeking a seat on council my first reaction was that she might be jumping the gun and should have waited a bit until her profile was better developed. Then I remembered the maturity she exhibited in establishing The Princess Shop and thought perhaps she was up to the task.

Then I started to hear the rumours about her ties to Councillor Hill and that he was injecting himself into her campaign. Her response to yesterday's blog confirmed that the rumour was fact.

What Ainsley will learn from this experience will shape her future. As appealing as it is to have a known "public figure" stump for you, she must remember that this person can potentially cost you as many votes as he could garner. Those with low opinions of Hill may transfer those same opinions onto her. Those who question his ethics will question hers. Everything comes with a price and the cost of Hill's support may be higher than its worth - win, lose or draw.

Ainsley also stated there was nothing in the rules to prevent Hill's participation, which is true. But in politics image is everything.

She further commented that the Sask Party/Conservatives were aiding and abetting candidate Donauer. She has two lessons here to be learned. The first being that we, the public, still like to believe that civic politics is non-partisan. The second is that she is running in a ward that has elected Sask Party MLAs and leaving the illusion that she is tied to an opposing entity may not work in her favour.

Some commented that MPs and MLAs work federal/provincial by-elections, so why not work a civic by-election. At the federal/provincial level political parties are elected and every member of the party is expected to help out as the election outcome it benefits them all. They also vote as a block supporting the party's position that may, from time to time, differ from their personal opinions. At the civic level you supposedly do not represent a political entity and are independent of party ideology. You vote individually, hopefully reflecting good judgment and the concerns of the electors you represent.

If Ainsley is successful in this election she will have to make a conscious effort to separate herself from Hill and dispel the concern of her being puppeted by him. I assume the current councillor remuneration is on par or more that her salary with Junior Achievement so she can leave that position, where Hill is her direct supervisor, and not project herself as being under his thumb. She also has the support of some very successful mature women in this city who will mentor her and hopefully provide good guidance for her career.

If she is not successful at this time, I hope she has learned some valuable lessons from this experience and will try again. I believe as she matures the greatness of her potential will emerge.



  1. did she email you those opinions? Because it wasn't her commenting on your blog.

  2. She works for Hill too? Holy moly this is getting more hilarious by the day.

    So let me get this straight: One of Darren Hill's employees is running for Council and Darren is running her campaign?

    Somebody say PUPPET!!!!! For Robertson's sake I sure hope this isn't the truth, although as the Mistress pointed out perception is everything.

    Perhaps it would be better if this puppet just wasn't elected in the first place.

  3. “It's Ainsley Robertson.”

    Elaine, look back on your thread from your previous blog. I do not think that it was Robertson that posted on your blog. I would say that Anon 10:25 is correcting Anon 8:10’s posting of “Ashley”.

    This current posting of yours is completely over the line. Did you confirm that Robertson posted on your blog before deciding to tear her apart? Can you confirm that Hill is running her campaign?

    I have met all of Robertson’s team members and Hill is not one of them. Yes he is door knocking in Ward 5 but that happens with elected officials from every party and every level of government.

    This seems like yet another opportunity for you to create something out of nothing and go after either councillor clark or hill and at the expense of a young lady that is interested in serving our community. Shame on you!

    I am done with your blog.

  4. "I have met all of Robertson’s team members and Hill is not one of them. Yes he is door knocking in Ward 5 but that happens with elected officials from every party and every level of government."

    Hill has not been shy about his association with Robertson, nor has he hid the fact that he using resources (such as his City phone) to help out her campaign.

    Not sure how the blog post ripped apart Robertson, more gave a positive impression of the young lady and saying she will learn some lessons from this campaign win or lose.

    Good riddance to you Anon 8:22, clearly you just prefer to hear opinions that reaffirm what you want to believe.

  5. Anon 8:22,

    Are you unequivocally stating that you have direct knowledge and association with Ainsley Robertson's campaign and that Darren Hill is NOT involved in any way?

    I hope that you return to see this message, I live in ward 5 and was very impressed by my meeting with Ms. Robertson, however, the media has implied (including in today Star Phoenix) that Hill is associated and for that I am reluctant to commit my vote.

    If you can assure me she isn't associated I would greatly appreciate it.

    Ward 5 resident

  6. Mistress,
    With your new found knowledge of yesterday's blog postings does it change anything you have said today?? Any regrets, besides losing an anon reader or two. Like we care about them anyways.

  7. Indeed, nobody posted pretending to be Ainsley Robertson. If you read yesterday's post in context, it was clear they were correcting the previous post misnaming her "Robinson."

    Besides, if Ainsley wanted to post with their real name, it is most likely they would use that option on the "Comment as" box.

    The problem here is not knowing how to read in context, and jumping to conclusions.

  8. Not knowing how to read in context? I don't know how else to interpret what was written other than it was Ainsley.

    First off, I don't know myself how to enter my name and i can't be troubled to make a blogspot profile and have another account or password.

    Secondly, the post started with the sentence "It's Ainsley Robertson". Not a sentence saying "her name is actually Ainsely Robertson", or "It's Ainsley, not Ashley". I'm not sure how anyone could have read it and assumed the context you are alleging.

    Thirdly, I have heard the association with Hill for a month now. I have seen it posted on different blogs, in the Star Phoenix. It is quite public. Only in the last few days when the backlash has become quite apparent is she and her supporters attempting to distance herself. Too late, she let it happen and allowed the association to become public knowledge thinking it would help give her credibility (after all incumbents are always at an advantage, and with none here even the association gives recognition). She's hitched her horse to Hill's cart and now must live and die with results.

  9. Firstly, my apologies to Ainsley for this firestorm. As pointed out through others commenting, I did misread yesterday's post and thought the "Its Ainsley Robertson" was her introduction.

    My intent with today's post was to point out her developing qualities and that there is risk as well as benefit when taking an endorsement and/or assistance by a public personality.

    I have confirmed with Ainsley that Hill is assisting in her campaign. I therefore leave today's posting as is.

  10. So old Darren Hill is part of her campaign team, exposes Anon 8:22 as just twisting the truth. Then again, should we be surprised at any twisting of the truth and ethical misnomers from team Hill-Robertson?

    Good to know the type of people this candidate is surround herself with.

  11. Why is she so secretive about her age? Just went to the Star Phoenix site, weird that she won't answer the question.

    Is it really that big of a deal, I mean I know it is not polite to ask women their age but for the purposes it is being asked I would think that it is a relevant question.

  12. "First off, I don't know myself how to enter my name"

    That's not an issue of reading in context, that's an issue of incompetence.

  13. "That's not an issue of reading in context, that's an issue of incompetence."

    Judging by your response you obviously are familiar with entering your name/creating an account.

    In guess you continuing to take shots and insult others under the guise of Anonymous would make you a coward.

  14. Clearly posting under "anonymous" makes people cowards: Posting under an online pseudonym is complete disclosure.

  15. If future politicians need an image of what not to become just look to Dan Danielson and his sad state of affairs.

  16. "Hill has not been shy about his association with Robertson, nor has he hid the fact that he using resources (such as his City phone) to help out her campaign"

    You keep mentioning this without producing any proof. I guess if you keep slinging the same mud over and over again, hopefully some will stick, right?

  17. Must have taken a lesson from Dan Danielson though that thought process ended up in a lawsuit.

  18. You keep mentioning this without producing any proof. I guess if you keep slinging the same mud over and over again, hopefully some will stick, right?

    .....but nobody asked for any proof at any time? Where above is someone asking for evidence. I have read it several times, and as the Mistress said Ainsley is saying it herself.

    Sounds like this girl and her campaigners on here are as slippery as her mentor darren hill

  19. Why would/should Ainsley care what people on this blog think ?

  20. She shouldn't and those on this blog don't care about Ainsley who won't win just like Darren Hill in the next election.


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