Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a ride!

Thumbs up for Kay Nasser (SP Nov. 2/10.) There is something to that "buy local" theme. Nasser's record of success in his past endeavours offers hope that he is the man to get this project off the ground - or rather in the ground. It is his commitment and belief in this city that will carry the project to fruition.

We will still get the $1 million in taxation for maintenance of River Landing as this property will not generate revenue for years to come. And when RL does generate tax revenue, I have no expectation that the $1 million in new taxation will be eliminated. It will simply be applied elsewhere.

Now Council can perhaps divert its attention to the land designated for the Live/Work Eco Village and look for a contractor than can actually proceed with this project. Then RL may have a happily ever after ending.


  1. Loved Charlie Clark's comments yesterday, even on a day that is supposed to be celebration for council he is forecasting doom and gloom. Couldn't enjoy the slightest but of development and progress for even one night.

  2. Why would anybody assume anything promising from this after all it has been promises broken....

  3. His comments were made before the suprised announcement.

  4. His comments on River Landing were asinine, before or after the surprise announcment.

  5. Completely a joke, Clark needs to go next election. Mistress will you run again?

    Anon 8:15, there is reason to believe as the dirtbag Lobsinger is out and Nasser is in.

  6. His comments were on the mark! The fact nobody knew if the money would come at the last minute shows just how poorly run this entire thing has been from the start.

  7. The comments are typical Charlie, not offering anything productive simply trying to distance himself from what may be a contentious issue.

    It's easy to pander to the weak minded voters when you never actually take a stance on any issue, only sit back and criticize. It is not wonder this guy never made it in the private sector.

    “The promise was made some time ago that River Landing would not cost taxpayers any money,” Clark said. “We’ve taken entirely the wrong approach here. What’s unfortunate is that it is starting to cost the city.”

    .....and what is your solution Charlie? You've only been sitting on your ass for the last 5 years as this was (or should've been) the most discussed issue on council?

    Why have you never said anything in the media until things are set in stone? Oh that's right because you are more concerned with looking out for your political career than for the citizens of Saskatoon.

  8. Doesn't the above statement about River Landing not fly in the face of every idea he has suggested for the area.... like a public skating rink, a public farmers market.....how exactly does daydreaming Charlie expect to pay these 'public' ideas?

  9. "It's easy to pander to the weak minded voters when you never actually take a stance on any issue, only sit back and criticize. It is not wonder this guy never made it in the private sector."

    Are you referring to Civic Mistress here? I'm confused.

  10. "It's easy to pander to the weak minded voters when you never actually take a stance on any issue, only sit back and criticize. It is not wonder this guy never made it in the private sector."

    The private sector shot makes me think of a large section of the Saskatchewan party caucus including Brad Wall.

  11. Anon 12:06 are by your comments then acknowledging that Clark has no fundamental concept of the private sector and business, or is that just another lame attempt to smear the Brad Wall?

    Choose your poison.

  12. How is it a smear against Brad Wall and not Charlie Clark? Do you admit Brad wall has no fundamental concept of the private sector and business given his failed attempts in the private sector?

  13. anon 10:12 here,

    I noticed that in two responses there was nothing there to dispute what I said about Comrade Charlie, just the usual blah blah spin doctoring of the NDP apologists.

    Of course they cannot dispute what I said because it is true. Charlie refuses to take a position on any issue (think back to the Traffic Bridge where his position was to take no position but to study the problem for three years). The guy is a con man who will show up on your door and present himself as the person opposing everything that you don't like (really he just opposes everything).

    He actually reminds me a lot of the poster Ghostryder, who like to just question the beliefs and positions of others, without ever taking a stand himself or offering a solution.

    Life is so much easier when you contribute nothing.

  14. "How is it a smear against Brad Wall and not Charlie Clark? Do you admit Brad wall has no fundamental concept of the private sector and business given his failed attempts in the private sector?"

    Failed attempts? At least Wall is willing to put himself out there on his beliefs and what he stands for. All Charlie has done is play the role of I disagree with everything and offer no suggestions or solutions?

    What the hell has he done on council in the past 5 years or whatever it has been. Just been against this and against that, and never offering anything constructive since his (I can only hope marijuana induced) pie in the sky idea of building a skating rink on the river (cause you know, the City has preached for years to stay off the river at winter time due to the inherent danger....good thing Charlie thought about that).

    He's useless and I know his position on nothing other than the recycling issue.

  15. Maybe nobody responsed because your statement was crap? Do a quick google search on Charlie Clark and bridge....


    Hmmm look at that Charlie discusses something which you said he doesn't and that was after a quick google search and one of the first results to come up. You complain about him not taking a stand but later mention you don't like his stand on recylcing. Seems the issue is more your dislike for the guy.

    What does Wall stand for? He said the free market and thats why he went to China to find foreign investors to invest in Saskatchewan resources like potash but now he is against it.

  16. I have no problem with his stand on recycling, in fact I share the same view. Not sure why you warp everything to say to imply that I hate Charlie. I don't, I'm just frustrated that he never actually takes a stand on things.

    Let's look at your link. First of all the link is from March of this year, long before the current issues with the Traffic Bridge emerged.

    So on River Landing, here is what he said on the link you provided to his website:
    "C. In order to make sure that we get it right, re-evaluate the site based on an increased understanding of the dynamics of River Landing, the inability to secure a mega-project on the site, and the goals of developing a vibrant people-centered waterfront district. I think this requires us to come up with a different strategy for developing the site by re-engaging the public, the development community, and the design community and applying best practices of waterfront development.

    At this point, personally, I think that the most prudent way forward is the third option" (option C was third option)

    Sooooooooooo.....Charlie you position on River Landing is what exactly, to do nothing? Restudy the area again? Then you will decide? Or will another study be commissioned after that one.

    Make up your mind for once. You think we need a different strategy and appraoch......but, what, once again you offer no constructive input? No suggestions? Just that you don't like the current approach? Okay.

    Moving on to the traffic bridge. Charlie said the following on Sept 14, 2010, after the bridge was announced it would be closed:
    "Coun. Charlie Clark accused some of his counterparts of "sideswiping" the public process by narrowing the options before a public open house Wednesday is set to reveal drawings and cost breakdowns of the original 10 bridge options and gather opinion.

    "It's amazing to me that we would even have this discussion right now and go out of our way to sideswipe the process that is underway," Clark said. "We've told the community we want to hear from them. . . . The damage that is done by having this discussion right now is far worse than whatever benefit we're going to have.

    "I just don't understand this form of civic leadership."

    Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/health/Brazilian+dancers+brief+folklore+spectacle+Berlusconi/3228937/Bridge+options+defined/3520856/story.html?id=3520856#ixzz149man1G3"

    So again, he doesn't like what Council is doing and has nothing to offer on the matter himself. As someone who showed up at my door (I presume after he drove over to our ward, since he didn't live there) and said he wanted to represent me at council he can't even offer an opinion? He is elected by our ward to speak on our behalf, not to run and hold a referendum on each issue that creeps up. My ward represents my views, not my right to voice my individual opinion on each and every issue.

    I have no problem with Clark personally, and despite your irrational inference that I disagree with his recycling policy (which I don't, I do agree with him) I don't hate on everything Charlie says or does. I just don't like how he continually takes no position on anything and offers nothing constructive.

    He's like the guy who complains throughout a job, offering no solutions, only pointing out how he doesn't like how others are doing it. Then when something happens quickly points out how he was against it whole time.

    With Wall, I disagree with a lot and agree with a lot of what he says. But at least he throws a flag in the ground and let's you know where he stands.

  17. Q: What is your vision for River Landing?

    Charlie: Well first off, I hate what is being done there and don't think any good will come of it. As for River Landing, I want to put everything on hold and reevaluate what we want to do there.

    Q: Okay, and what about the Traffic Bridge issue?

    Charlie: Well first off, I hate what is being done there and don't think any good will come of it. As for Traffic Bridge, I want to put everything on hold and reevaluate what we want to do there and publicly consult for next three years while the people in the ward I pretend to represent struggle with access and transportation.

    Q: What issue is really griping you right now? What do you believe in?

    Charlie: Let me just say, I don't like the direction of this current Council. I stand for a vibrant Saskatoon, how we get there I have no idea and no suggestions. I am just hear to let everyone know that I have a dream that I can't explain and that what is going on isn't how I imagine it. I wish I could offer some viewpoints on my beliefs, but I don't want to offend anyone. I have nothing to offer on any issue.

  18. Charlie Clark is a waste of tax dollars

  19. And you say you don't hate Charlie? Seems like you might need some professional help for the hatred you have. Charlie clearly has taken positions where he needs to and listens to the voters in other areas. I assume listening to the people who elected him would be a good idea?

  20. With Councillors like Charlie why even bother having a City Council, since every decision goes to a referendum anyway?

  21. wow, what a well reasoned and thoughtful discussion.

    If he is that bad of a Councillor why was he acclaimed in 2009?

    I take it your getting set to challenge him in 2012?

  22. Actually I may challenge him, is he still planning on parachuting into a foreign riding?

  23. All you people criticizing Charlie are idiots. Charlie is an excellent City Councillor and listens to what the people of Saskatoon as a whole want. What is wrong with taking our time in making a decision? Everything is so hurry hurry hurry these days. Finally we have someone who wants to take it slow and actually ASK THE CITIZENS what they want instead of telling them.

    Saskatoon is not Calgary and with Councillors like Charlie and won't become like our capitalistic moral lacking province to the West.

  24. This anti-Clark posting appears more pathological than ideological.

  25. last time I checked, Clark lives in Ward 6.

    Though Neault doesn't, and I think Pringle and Penner also live outside of their respective wards.

  26. Yes, and our esteemed "Moderator" would be aware of that, too.

    Funny how the Mistress vanishes whenever a Charlie Clark attack takes place on her blog.

  27. It's also funny how the angry clark-bashers characterize him as someone who wants referendums for everything..............just a note, to my knowledge he's never said that, just public consultation.

    Our moderator Elaine on the other hands LOVES referendums. In fact she wrote an piece for the Star Phoenix talking about her love for referendums, so it's pretty funny that the annonymous person above seems so excited about Elaine, yet slags off Clark.


    Strangely Clark was one of the only people not to go along with Lobsinger's plan.....and crazily enough he was right not to believe Lobsinger. Funny how that happens!

  28. From the article posted by Anon above here is an excerpt:

    "Although I am not an advocate of government by referendum, clearly there is a place for this tool in our electoral system. Past civic governments have exercised this option when seeking public input on controversial matters or issues that would have long term impact on the city. The classic examples are the downtown casino and of course the memorable vote on the location of Sask Place, which is now Credit Union Centre (CUC)."

    It would seem a stretch to say that The Mistress LOVES referendums. Anyone with half a brain (I know a stretch for NDP hardliners) would realize she acknowledges a time and place for them, but is not in LOVE with them. I would think that any rationale person would take this view in our democratic system.

    Once again, looks like the NDP is out to smear the Mistress for no reason (or I guess their reason is that she didn't partake in the mudslinging on the message board the last day or so).

    As per the their party line, the NDP just prefer to run around smearing others in retaliation to one of their own getting a rough treatment. Some things never change, and much like the school yard bully they have been in this Province, the NDP are now struggling to figure out why they are so out of touch with the MAJORITY of this province these days.

    All you hardliners enjoy your petty little attacks on the Mistress and others who share different political views. The voting public has grown up and grown weary of your constant childish attacks and antics. Your time has come and within 20 years you'll be a distant third in the province.

    Bring on BHP, it can only mean more entrepreneurial residents to Saskatchewan and a small percentage of yahoo hardline NDPs impact this great province.

  29. Ummm.... Anon 12:30 did you even read the article by Elaine you posted? It is not about her loving referendums, but saying they can be a tool in a democracy

  30. What great news!

    To the two of you arguing about Charlie Clark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MB3Szl23xI

  31. Anon 1:11....what does this all have to do with the NDP?

    You seem really confused. Is your tinfoil hat not working like it should? Are the monsters under the bed getting the best of you.

    It really amazes me how people seem so focused on attached the other party or portraying everything us a Right/Left ideological war.

    The fact is Clarks comments were pretty reasonable considering they were from prior to Nasser buying out Lobsinger. Lobsinger led council on for 3 years and Clark was one of the only ones who saw through his BS. That's a good thing! It would be bad for the city if everyone just followed along with ever proposal from every random sleazy go-nowhere businessman.

  32. Oh yeah...and Harper said no to BHP, just like Brad Wall did. It's not a black and white capitalism versus socialism argument. Life is a lot easier if your head isn't so far up your ass.


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