Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Link

I read CBC online today that Lingenfelter has committed to his party to work harder at improving his image and personal popularity prior to the next election. I would have thought that would have been his goal from day one. With a 16% approval rating the only thing he can hope for is that Brad Wall will slip and fall on a banana peel that is slimy with some political rot. Wall should be watching carefully where he steps.

Lingenfelter knows new governments do not get elected in - it is existing governments that get tossed. It does not seem that the public is ready to toss Wall.

So who will the next leader of the NDP be?


  1. A good choice would be Deb Higgins, unfortunately politics is an OLD boys club! So, Yates, Furber and Broten's heads are swollen enough.....

  2. Link is a has been, surrounded by never were's, encouraged by never will be's. He represents the best hope the NDP has and is a savy, shrewd and ruthless old time politician and the election is a year away. Watch out for that banana peel Brad. Anyone who discounts his ability to rev up the NDP machine is a fool.

  3. As an undecided voter at each election I try to make vote on what is best for the Province. During the Calvert-Hermanson election I voted NDP, as I could not envision Elwin running this province (let alone doing a better job than Calvert). Between Wall-Calvert, I voted Wall as he represented the youthful and growing Saskatchewan that I envision.

    With the next election coming down to Link-Wall, I don't foresee anything, short of a sponsorship scandal, that could persuade me that Link is a better option running this province.

    When I picture every duty of the Premier, and think about Link or Wall representing Saskatchewan, I shutter at the idea of Link being the person. I don't think I am in the minority on this. I have no particular allegiance to any party, and I don't care what sort of mud slinging goes on in the election, it will always come back to who do I see leading Sask into the future, being the face of our province, sitting down at the bargaining table...


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