Thursday, January 6, 2011

C.U.P.E. Makes Me Want to P.U.K.E

The Mistress will be back blogging Monday, I hope to have something up for tomorrow as well. Here is another guest blog.......

You know what grinds my gears? Misleading the public like CUPE did in today's SP. Angela Hall was the latest to write another union fluff piece in her article titled "Private clinic use worries Sask. public, union says". The glamour headline is premised on the results of a poll that was commissioned by CUPE. Here is the an explanation of how CUPE reached their conclusion:

The survey asked respondents whether they would prefer to see surgical wait times reduced by the government improving services in hospitals or by the government paying for services in private, for-profit surgical clinics. CUPE said 60 per cent opted for the first option and 24 per cent selected the private clinic route.

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So let me break this down CUPE, you want to know if the public would rather see surgical wait times reduced by improving services hospitals OR by contracting it out to for-profit clinics? Using the results the geniuses at CUPE were able to ascertain the following:

"People like public health care," said Canadian Union of Public Employees Saskatchewan president Tom Graham, referring to a Viewpoints Research poll commissioned by CUPE.

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OK, so where is the research that says Sask. Public is worried about private clinic use? The only evidenced they advanced is that IF wait times are reduced would the public rather see it done in house of through for-profit clinics (I'm actually shocked the way the loaded question was phrased 24% chose for-profit clinics- almost as shocked that Ms. Hall considered this a story). Did the survey mention which option would be more economical? If both options were even practical? Or was it simply if you could choose which option which would it be?

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's thank CUPE once again for distorting the facts and misleading the public. Thanks again for your useless survey CUPE, glad to see you would rather waste everyone's time/money attempting to smear some politicians rather than apply yourselves to, you know, something productive like maybe help reducing the surgical wait times. Then again reducing the surgical wait times in no way benefits the union oligarchs so fat chance of that happening.

The Mistress' Helper


  1. Fair enough critism and a good examination of the poll, but your last sentence detracts from an otherwise well thought out argument:

    "Then again reducing the surgical wait times in no way benefits the union oligarchs so fat chance of that happening."

    Is it so hard to have a debate/discussion without resorting to personal attacks?

  2. How is the last sentence a personal attack? Get over yourself, Anon 8:32.

  3. Interesting that no one has come out of the union bashing skin to defend CUPE here. Perhaps the scrambling unions realize that public sympathy for their cause is sliding away. That are more educated public sees through their ridiculous fear mongering.

    It makes me so happy to see this thread sit empty. This will be a glorious province in 15 years when the influx of growth means that the old hardened NDP will never regain power. I've said it once and I'll say it again: it ain't NDP supporters moving to Sask these days.

    It was a great run you had here CCF/NDP, for all our sake hope your slide in obscurity in provincial politics is a quick one.

    Life long Saskatchewan resident happy to finally see the light

  4. "That are more educated public sees through their ridiculous fear mongering." a sentence describing the higher education of the general public you mistakenly misuse are/our.

    In all other respects, I long dippers, it's great to be home.

    former Sask resident who just moved home to ensure Dippers never gain power again.

  5. I don't know anyone who doesn't chuckle at CUPEs "we're from the government and here to help" ad campaign.

  6. check out ndp boogeyman blog. Very entertaining and enlightening.

  7. Boogeyman blog is paid for and run by the Saskatchewan party caucus office and funded by taxpayers. Sad to see that kind of waste.


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