Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kudos to the kid

A couple of articles in today's SP (Jan. 20/11) made for interesting reading. First off the mark is the news that PCS is looking at keeping its promises made during the takeover attempt by BHP, the feature one being the return of executive positions to Saskatoon. However, unless the CEO position is returned to Saskatoon the rest is just tokenism. We should keep in mind that initially all of the executive suite was Saskatoon based.

The second feature is the confidence of Premier Wall to bring the initiative of nuclear added value development to the forefront during an election year. Tying the initiative to medicine and energy was good politics and incorporating the University and the synchrotron is, politically speaking, 'added value.' I expect this item will bring out the anti-nuclear hordes and the fear-mongering that trails behind.

Its encouraging to see Saskatchewan move to the forefront and being viewed as mecca for science and development.

Now, if Premier Wall could just do something about the damn weather he could be premier for life. Maybe the domed stadium should become a domed province and then we would have the added value of nirvana.


  1. Wasn't that one of Atch's grand plans? A dome over downtown....I digress.

    Should be fun to flush the anti-nuclear crowd out for another round of fear mongering. It is always a good time to hear them attempt to indoctrinate people with slanted facts and misleading figures.

    As for Wall, glad to see him gaining more confidence. He's been an excellent Premiere, despite the local fear mongering that the NDP attempt to paint against him. Looking forward to a dominating SP victory in the next election, and hopefully many more after that. The Kid has some brass balls to rub nuclear in the NDP's faces during an election year knowing them and floundering Link can't do a thing about it.

  2. We heard nuclear before and the SP dropped the ball.... Sounds like the SP are having trouble with their supporters if they have to bring out nuclear again and attack gays to gain support.

  3. I agree Mistress- the Potash CEO position must move back to Saskatchewan. It was part of the pledge and promises must be kept. The company can't pick up the potash mines and move them to Chicago or you can bet that they would have already done do so... And because they can't move the mines they should remember where they are and not break their commitments to those who grant their mining permits.


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