Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My state of mind

I was taken aback when I read the Mayor's comment in the SP (Jan. 19/11) that we, the public, need to change our state of mind and think about all the good things that are happening to us.

In part I agree that Saskatchewan is booming. But much of that boom is tied to the resource sectors and those commodities come with highs and lows. We can still recall the hit the provincial budget took when potash did not provide the expected revenues two years ago.

Regrettably, property tax only comes with the highs.

$50,000.00 tax dollars were spent for a feasibility study which apparently told council that the Events Centre for Gordie Howe Bowl was unrealistic. Now we are back to the very expensive drawing board. For some reason our civic leaders think we need an expensive venue to host less than a dozen Hilltop games and high school football. Forget the fact that a venue exists for Huskie football, that could and has been shared with the Hilltops, and that every high school has huge playing fields that sit idle. So we will eventually spend about $13 million to provide a seasonal venue for the Hilltops and high school football.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are around the corner from pothole season and much needed road repair. We are moving toward user pay systems for necessary services, i.e garbage. We receive increasing levies for infrastructure needs. Recycling will eventually hit either the utility or tax bill. The list goes on.

I would like to see the Mayor and Council change their state of mind and focus on necessities first and niceties second. I would like their state of mind to include what the public can reasonably pay for the 'field of dreams' and the many sugar plums that dance in their heads during the REM cycle of their sleep.


  1. Great post and comments! Hopefully the citizens will vote accordingly in the upcoming election! I agree that this council needs to change their state of mind.....We need exemplary candidates to run for political office - local, prov and federally.....

  2. I've never understood why Griffiths stadium could not be leased by the city or school board for football games. In Regina, Taylor Mosaic hosts CFL, CIS, PFC, and high school football. Ditto for the U of C's McMahon Stadium. The rental fee for Griffiths could go toward sports programming at the U of S, and all parties would have a modern facility to field their games.

    It can be done. The question is, Why not?


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