Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boo and Boo Hoo

I have two major pet peeves today. Firstly is the government's plan to reduce wait lists to see a specialist for back care.

It would appear that putting obstacles in the way of patients to get on the wait list is the answer to reducing the list. I refer to the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiatives plan. Prior to a family doctor referring a patient to a spinal specialist, the patient must first walk the 'spine pathway.' The patient will be given a choice of who they will first be treated by - a family doctor, a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. If you select a physiotherapist or chiropractor you should know that service is not covered by Sask Health and you will pay for that service. And generally speaking, family doctors do not make referrals to a specialist unless the medical need if beyond their scope of expertise.

This first peeve gets a legitimate boo.

My second peeve is the audacity Mayor Pat Fiacco hosting a conference of municipal leaders to lobby for continued federal government funding for necessary infrastructure needs. This is the same mayor that wants federal money to build a half billion dollar football stadium. What are, or should be, infrastructure needs? Perhaps Mayor Fiacco should first define needs vs. wants before seeking support.

The second peeve garners a sarcastic boo hoo.


  1. Fiacco is another Mayor who seems to be out of touch with reality lately. Both Saskatchewan Mayors need to go next election (unless the opposition to each is another kook like Lenore Swystum).

    As for the surgical wait times, not much surprises me about the health care system anymore. The system is an inefficient, bloated, union serving, poorly executed debacle. Consider that we spent upwards of $192 billion on health care in 2010 (or somewhere just over $60,000 per citizen) and it is impossible to get proper care (ie. weeks to wait for a simple MRI, which btw Alberta can get you in in a week, surgical wait times of over a year in some instances, and I could go on and on). But anyone who dares suggest we need health care reform is branded a privatized seeking bad person. If we ever want to get our money's worth out of the system then we need tear it down completely and rebuild it.....good luck trying something progressive with all the lazy union bums ready to block progress though.

  2. *Correct my math, about $6,000 per person or $500 a month.

    On a side note, I wonder what sore of insurance $500 a month would get you in the USA. Maybe we'd all be better switching to a US system, except where the government covers each person's insurance costs.

  3. Come on Mistress you can't be serious to complain about anything that has the ability to reduce wait times. Maybe it's because some of the costs are not covered by the Government or maybe you just don't trust chiros or physios as true doctors. I personally think any system that weeds out the chronic complainers from those truly suffering from see a specialist is something I want the see more of. This just isn't about making the cue take longer but educating general pract. on changes in medicine and treatments. I say good work SP finding solutions without asking me to pony up more money for a service that is used and abused by so many.


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