Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pat for Premier?

I always thought that when Pat Atkinson went to meet her maker that the NDP would have her taxidermied and thus hold the Nutana seat forever. We have a lot CCFers and their offspring living in Nutana homes and a goodly portion of folks who still think Tommy is alive and well and that PCS is a crown corporation.

I can't figure out why Pat quit. She had a steady income, a growing pension plan and had to do little to earn it. But did she really quit? I heard her say "at this moment in time" and "never say never." Perhaps this is stepping back to let Link flame out and then the Phoenix will rise. Then, like Link, she could collect her pension plan and a salary.

I need help. I am trying really hard to think of one major thing that Pat did for the constituency or the province over the last 25 years other than be a good little soldier for the party. I'm drawing a blank.

As to her anointed successor, as the camera panned the room at her press conference I didn't see a face that looked young enough to step forward. Any ideas?


  1. Mistress, the successor for Saskatoon Nutana should be.......YOU.

    With Pat out and the NDP struggling to locate any sort of viable candidates (especially young ones) you could step up in Sask. Nutana. The area has elected you before, and despite the heavy presence of lefties you could manage.

    How great that the biggest Dipper of them all could come back and become a double Dipper.

  2. The area also tossed Elaine unlike Pat.

  3. How fitting that Pat the Rat would bail from the sinking ship. And is anyone surprised that sneak Pat the Rat has all but left the door open for return to politics in time to swoop the leadership.

    Good riddance Pat the Rat you rode the coattails of the NDP and now turn your back on them when the going gets tough. It is amazing that someone can go 20 plus years in politics and accomplish nothing of note.

    You know what always ends up happening to those rats who bail on a sinking ship? They drown alone at sea.

  4. What sinking ship is that? It seems pretty clear going back to 2003,2007 and now 2011 that Pat has been considering retirement for an extended period of time.

  5. The sinking ship that is the NDP party Anon 12:08. In case you haven't realized the ship is going down and note recovering anytime soon. Pat the Rat thought she'd save her own bacon and avoid being associated with what could be an epic NDP humiliation next election.

  6. I must have missed the Saskatchewan party caucus memo on poor spin but the NDP are hardly sinking. Increased attendance at events and increased support in elections does not say sinking ship.

  7. Ummm..... look at the polls. I don't really think that the MAJORITY of the province cares that the remaining Dippers are increasing their attendance at events and being asked to help a little more.

    Probably a good plan with the overwhelming MAJORITY support for Saskatchewan's new governing party.

    Haha it's pretty funny that the die hards keep citing the 'increased attendance' at party events as a sign that the party is healthy. Sorry Anon, NDP are dying and I only hope it is a slow death so the rest of the province can laugh at the party as it dries up into the standard 3rd party status.

  8. The last poll done by Rawlco radio showed a nearly 20% drop in support for the Wall government down to mid 30s. Is that the poll you guys in the Saskatchewan party caucus office are talking about?

  9. I can't recall many contested nomination races in the Saskatchewan party.... Why is it so few people donate to the Saskatchewan party compared to the NDP and why is so few want to run for the Saskatchewan party?

  10. Why are there no contested nominations? Because the SP is returning so many incumbents and the party is working like a well oiled machine.

    Further, there are no factions in the SP, like there is in the NDP that are demanding their 'candidate' be nominated.

    BTW link to the latest poll which you state has the SP down in the 30s for overall support. What a laughable claim.

    I hate to break it to you Dippers, but the fear mongering is over.

  11. Haha Anon 12:32 are you referring to the online poll that they post on their website?

    I surely hope not. I've managed to somehow end up on one of the NDP mailing lists and got an email asking me to go vote on there in a show of support. So you're clinging now to online random polls and not one's commissioned by legitimate polling bodies.

    Good gosh no wonder this party is in such disarray. If this is the party's strategy to convince all is well in 2011 then I pity you guys, you really are in a lot more trouble than you realize.

    I agree Anon above, thinking that the Sask Party's support is in the mid 30s is laughable.

  12. Too bad the last poll done by Rawlco radio had the SP in the mid 30s.

    No wonder the Saskatchewan party is having a hard time finding individuals to run for nominations. If the party was doing good you would think you would have more contested nominations.

  13. Within the Saskatchewan party you have social conservatives such as Wayne Elhard and Greg Ottenbreit who were far from impressed with how quickly Brad and crew dropped Serge.

    You have an odd group of younger MLAs including Wall, Heppner and Harrison who advocate for the private sector but have spent their lives earning an income from taxpayers.

    You have those who have worked in the private sector such as Boyd.

    You have Liberals such as Norris and commie hunting Yogi Huyghebaert.

  14. Nice data to point to, it is funny in defending your Dippers that you cite a poll that shows that nearly twice the amount of voters support the Sask Party over the NDP (37 v 20).

    So you must be content to then acknowledge that your NDP (the so called natural governing party of Sask) have only 20% in Sask. In other words only 1 out of 5 people support the NDP, those are some mighty tough odds to overcome.

    Any surprise on this connection: 23% respondents believed PCS was a Crown corp. 20% support the NDP. Idiots.

  15. I am glad we agree that the Saskatchewan party under Brad Wall has dropped nearly 20% and that was a poll coming from a friendly company which donates exclusively to the Saskatchewan party so makes one wonder how far has Wall really dropped.

  16. Haha Wall hasn't dropped a bit. It is amazing at how petty you NDPers can be.

    If any of you would have left the province in the last 4 years (yes I know it is scary outside your little socialist hotspot here) you would see that Wall is actually heralded as one of the best Premiere's in the country. He is seen as well spoken, intelligent, not catering to either the hard right or the hard left, rationale decision maker and excellent leader. National papers laud him as the perfect representative for our emerging province and suspect he'll have a bright future in politics (even speculation on a federal level).

    Yet here in Saskatchewan the political opponents are so petty they cannot even acknowledge the good that he has done, to the NDP he is face of evil and leading this province to hell in a hand basket. May all these critics of Wall would be well served to expand their minds beyond the provincial borders for a change and see what an excellent person we have leading this province. Perhaps the majority of Saskatchewan who elected Wall, as well as the rest of the Canadian population sees a little something your party is purposely trying to blind you from.

    There is a reason Wall is respected nationwide.

  17. You both seem very committed to your respective parties, why don't you make more use of your time and take the energy your using here and put it towards interacting with people instead of yelling at your keyboards?


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