Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The cat came back

Hello one and all. I am back from a family wedding and mini reunion and just in time for the provincial election kick off, kick in or kick to the curb activities.

First of all, thanks to guest bloggers for filling in. I haven't had a chance to review the frivolity of the last three weeks but will do so as I turn my clock back to central time.

One of the first articles to catch my eye upon my return to Saskatchewan was the Airport Authority announcing its intent (or hope) to get a direct flight to a major centre in Europe. Hallelujah for international travellers. I know it doesn't mean much to those who don't travel, but to those who do it would be a godsend.

After a guelling 10 hour flight from Rome to Toronto we faced unbelievable security check queues in Toronto thanks to the work to rule activity of employees of airport security. People were missing their connecting flights or scheduled domestic flights thanks to security personnel. If these employees thought travellers would vent their anger on the corporation they are in dispute with, they were wrong. The anger of travellers was directed solely on the employees.

The idea of flying directly to Saskatoon and dealing with people who exhibit some good old "western hospitiality" is very appealing. The idea of not having a 4 hour wait in Toronto to catch a flight west is also very appealing.

Its good to be home.


  1. People should not be blaming the security workers, they should be blaming the corporation that won't negotiate fairly with them.

    The employees were left with no alternative but to work to rule and delay travelers in an attempt to get a fair deal.

    It is unfortunate that those who can afford to travel across the globe can't wait an extra few minutes for people who are trying to better themselves as well.

  2. Boo hoo to the poor unionized worker that asks for more money from their employer but doesn't ask their own union to show them any accountability in their expenses or support for political parties. How about asking the union to reduce the dues they mandate everyone pay instead of unilaterally raising their rates.

    I here your pain Mistress and the sooner this department is no longer under CUPE the better we will all be.

    As to airport security it is a laugh at the best of times. It is a facade to think they "keep us safe" in the air. I would love to see the numbers of 80 yr old wheel chair bound folk that were caught bringing a bomb onto an aircraft. Thanks Airport Security I really feel safer knowing you are doing your job.

  3. Anon 1:18 - A couple of minutes would have been okay - but we're talking hours. I was fortunate enough to have a 4 hour wait before my connecting flight, but many others missed their flights. Some were made to overnight in Toronto and left dealing with airlines who were not bending backwards to accommodate them. Many tour groups from other countries, that did not speak English, were left holding the bag and with a bad impression of our country.

    The dispute is not about money its about scheduling. It is occasions like this that cause me to support no strike legislation in favour of manditory arbitrition.

    And sadly, you can't even voice your displeasure because these demi-gods have the right to ban you from flying. There is something seriously wrong about this whole situation.


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