Friday, October 14, 2011

Will he bust out?

How long can Dwain Lingenfelter contain himself in the avuncular role designed for him in this election? And will it work with the voters?

It must be killing him not to be able to come out swinging at Wall. This gentler Dwain runs against his political nature.

Link's announcement of a negotiation for revenue-sharing on resources with First Nations is a blatant vote buy. It was odd though that he would say "This will be a long and difficult discussion and debate that will go on." Its not a great way to start a negotiation if in fact you intend to honor the promise.

Honor may be the key word.


  1. Why would he bust out? Lingenfelter and the NDP are so far winning this campaign. Even Premier Wall has said the NDP are providing some very good ideas.

  2. Really? They're winning the campaign?

    The (few) "good ideas" they're providing for Wall are simply variations on ideas Wall already supports.

    The remainder of their ideas -- rent control, jacking up royalties, revenue sharing -- range from ludricrous to disasterous. This is bad enough before you even consider Lingenfelter's meagre prospects as a sober-minded honest broker.

    This isn't winning; it's desperately clawing their way out from rock bottom.

  3. Don't be so hard on anon 10:19! Maybe he's using he same definition of WINNING as Charlie Sheen.

  4. what did the ndp do for first nations people when in power? mmmmmmm! Calvert said NO to rent controls. I want to see this govt continue, done alot of good work to-date.


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