Monday, October 17, 2011

A degree in decorum

It wasn't that long ago that the University of Saskatchewan rated at the bottom of the list for Canadian Universities. Under the leadership of President McKinnon we have moved way on up that list.

There has been significant increases for infrastructure replacement and repair, new programs, research money, donor dollars for scholarships - in short our university is in better shape than its been for a long while. I applaud President McKinnon for his work.

Serving 12 years on the school board, were time and time again political agendas tried to infiltrate and override education needs, makes me abhor politics in our education systems. If the USS-WORD Senators and their 100 so-called grassroots protesters feel there is a ground swell of public support to change the University Act they should run for public office and move on those legislative changes. Until then I expect the President, council and Board of Governors are bound to that Act that exists - one created by elected legislators. And that is democracy.

Disrupting meetings and tossing around allegations about the integrity of other Senators is not the way to effect change. Chair Nancy Hopkins has served the university for years and is a well-respected lawyer in the city. To my knowledge she has never compromised the university as a result of her professional or outside board activities. The fact that the USS-WORD attack her personally simply tells me their position on the issue is weak.

Protest to your hearts content. It is your democratic right. March, wave signs and put forward your position on issues. Preach your gospel. If you can get enough public support, change will happen. But if you can't, maybe you should reconsider your position and move on.

To the President and those in the Senate who conduct themselves with decorum, thanks for all the good work you have done for University of Saskatchewan and the students attending it.

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  1. Does anyone have a detailed list of the Senators who are part of USS-WORD? I want to know who I'm voting for in the next round of elections in March.


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