Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rebels Without a Cause

Although I don't always agree with the issue, I do admire protesters that get off their butts to rally the troops for their cause.

From the first photos of Occupy Saskatoon it appeared this marching troop was protesting everything. It lacked focus, unlike the Occupy Wall Street group.

In today's SP (Oct. 19/11) the Occupiers released their statement of purpose as creating "open, participatory and horizontally organized process . . . to build the capacity of an autonomous collective force to conduct itself within the public sphere." Huh?

It seems to me these disgruntled folks want to protest something, they just don't know what it should be. Sad to say there are so many causes they could have picked.

It appears they are just jumping on the American Bandwagon and protesting for the joy of protestation itself.


  1. That mission statement sounds like something right out of a Monty Python skit, can't you see John Cleese delivering that load of tripe straight faced!

  2. I wonder how many doobies were smoked around the campfire as they came up with that slogan.

  3. A lot of my friends from the 60s who were never going to "give in" or trust "the man" have recently retired from their banking, corporate or big union jobs they all flipped and these kids will too. Nice to see a generation with a cause again regardless of how weak it is, it's been awhile.

  4. I agree the protestors can come off a bit confused or unfocused, but the fact is that there are some major issues they are trying to respond to.

    No matter what your opinion on the Occupy Wall Street issues, this is a very worthwhile article to read.

    I think the biggest problem is that the answer isn't a simple one. The Tea Party movement have their simple mantra of cut taxes, these issues are harder to distill into a simple soundbite.

  5. "It seems to me these disgruntled folks want to protest something, they just don't know what it should be."

    Kind of like sitting at the computer each weekday morning and inanely bitching, following a spoon-feeding of the StarPhoenix.

  6. Well you missed the Tea Party's mantra. Theirs is simply, "Say No to BIG government." Of course, "Big Government is the problem not the solution" is also acceptable.

    When children are being cited by bylaw officers for operating a Lemonade Stand in front of their house, you know that government needs to be brought back to a managable size.

  7. Occupy Saskatoon is a nothing protest. I do give them credit for spending the nights outside but hey with today's great commercial products and free wifi they can hang out just about anywhere and skype/text or even BBM their friends so how needs a warm bed.

    And to Anon 12:37 Grow up!

  8. Anon 12:37 - BINGO! Way to call it like it is.

  9. Maybe the Americans should elect George Bush again so that these same protesters can focus their energies on a single straw man again.


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