Thursday, October 27, 2011

Court collections

I don't think the Mayor or Councillors should expect a campaign donation from Wally Mah/North Ridge Developments for the 2012 campaign - or perhaps the ante will go up.

I was surprised to read in today's SP (Oct. 27/11) about the law suit filed against North Ridge and the Arts Board, especially about the Arts Board. North Ridge had a half million reasons to delay notification to the city of his ownership of the land in question, but why would the Arts Board go along with it? I would think that a government funded Board would have advice from legal council prior to entering into an agreement to sell any assets. I can hardly wait for the Justice Department's response on this one.

I can understand Mah's position that the offer to purchase had conditions on it, one being that title would not transfer until such time as he was ready to develop the land, but his subsequent negotiations with the city on the value of some of that land which he would sell to the city indicates he was the owner.

I expect the only thing left on this matter is to decide where the saw-off will be on settlement.


  1. I read this article and it sure sounds like fraud to me. For Mah to think he doesn't owe the taxes is ridiculous. He claims he wrote letters acting as the owner. This was just another attempt to get something for nothing. Sure he does a lot in the community but he also gets away with a lot. I'm glad the city is going after him for the money and if he reaches an out of court settlement to pay less there should be a class action lawsuit against the city to give all the rest of us the same deal.

  2. We certainly could save everybody a lot of time and money by just having Anon 11:37 decide this for all of us and they could handle the follow up civil suit as well. That is not the way it works this should be decided in a court of law after legitament evidence is presented not in the Kangaroo court of public opinion with evidence from that lefty rag the Star Kleenex.

  3. I agree, regardless of what you think about Mah's ethics on the whole thing.... this is further evidence as to the idiots working at City Hall.

    The left hand has no idea what the right hand is up too and both hands are doing nothing but burning through money we don't have.


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