Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nickel and dime debate

I watched the leaders' debate last night - an hour of my life I can't get back.

I wish I had a nickel for every time Lingenfelter said "nickel on a dollar" and wondered whether he would have the same attitude when discussing a fluctuating PST. As for the rich PCS shareholders, the pension plans own considerable PCS stock - does he mean them? Or me with my 100 shares in my retirement portfolio? (Yes, I know me means Doyle and company.)

In today's SP Opinion (Oct. 26/11) column comments are made about BHP optimism for doing business in this province. Would they be so optimistic if a government legislated a change to an existing agreement? And if the agreement is that bad, why did the government that Lingenfelter played a prominent role in negotiate it in the first place?

I think Lingenfelter was just trying to shore up the support he already has and Wall was just keeping his head down and steady his course. But the decorum was much better.

I expect in the dying days of this campaign the gloves may come off and real personalities will emerge. The kinder, gentler Lingenfelter will have nothing to lose at that point and his street-fighter instincts will kick in.

I am looking forward to November 8.


  1. The nickel on a dollar phrase is nothing more than a clever message to fool the NDP drones. What's a nickel. The reality is he is planning on paying for his promises by doubling the tax to PCS. Ask anyone with a business what happens when you tax doubles.

    Link's plan for power is to strangle the golden goose.

    Also, why is the NDP continuing to perpetuate the myth that PCS is a Crown. Last night when talking about raises to health care workers and teachers, he cited their contract in comparison with the head of SAHO getting 40% and the PCS Execs getting 60%. What difference does it make what a private company gives their employees? If I work hard and earn a 20% raise from my salary I don't expect that every worker in the province also deserves 20%.

    The NDP are hoping their misinformation will work on the weak minded looking for more and more for themselves.

  2. I watched the debate late at night on-line. Dwain came off as nervous and hesitant. You could tell he had been coached to hold back. His delivery was terrible. AS for Wall he was polished and as expected very comfortable.

    Now to the jist of the debate. Link's "here's the deal" comment came off as a infomercial sleaze bag trying to get you to buy the product by offering you anything under the sun. His numbers didn't even add up. How is rent control starting after Nov. 7th going to save a student $6,000 in a year? that would mean the rent would have to go up another $500/month I don't see that happening as it has already see the huge jump. Or is he talking about doing a Walmart and Roll-back the prices? I'm also glad the he is running in the most under privileged area of Regina (Douglas Park) Well at least by those he talks to in his riding. Not one senior with an income higher than the poverty rate??? And then referencing talking to one of his friends? How is that even relevant.

    Even when he thought he could tie Wall to the PC government of the 1980's Wall turned it around by making the statement that at least he learns from his mistakes and doesn't want to go backwards unlike the leader of the NDP.

    And what is with the questions from NDP hacks? I thought it was the general public that would ask the questions.

    At any rate the debate showed everyone that Wall will keep his promises and the work they have started needs to continue to make this province the best in the nation.

  3. I found the debate unbelievably boring. Neither leader won...they merely stayed the course with their respective talking points. Given I am not a partisan, it helped me little in determining who I will support this election. Its amusuing that the partisans on this blog are all so naive as to think their party is genuine in their platforms & the other guys are of course Wake up folks, they are all there first and foremost to re elect themselves. And they rely on you partisans to give up your hard earned cash and leisure time to blindly follow along.Wall has had the good fortune of leading during great economic times in this porovince. He too will plummet when our resource prices go down. They are all the same!!!

  4. Just a question for The Mistress, not nit picking just need to understand something. In the upper right hand corner of the title page and others it states; The Mistress posts Monday to Friday except for election writ periods. What does that mean? Are we not in an election writ period? This is not intended in anyway to slag The Mistress, I am honestly just curious.

  5. Glad it is Halloween!! That is the only way to put up with all the orange. I love elections in Saskatchewan. Better than rider season!..


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