Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crime and punishment

Reading this morning's paper (SP Feb. 28/12) was like reading a criminal court docket. It seemed like one pedator after another was paraded out for public examination.

Michael Jeffrey got fourteen months in jail for child porn, and after time off for good behaviour (whatever that is) he'll be free to get on with his life. His lust for child porn will leave in his wake countless children, including infants, who are sentenaced to a lifetime of pain. And he thinks having his name on a sex offender registry will make his life "incredibly difficult."

Then we have serial rapist Grahm James who created pain, suffering and dysfunction to countless young men and their familes. The crown is asking for a maximum of be six years - with time off for good behaviour no doubt. I wonder if he's drawing a pension payment from the hockey associations that served as his hunting ground.

Then there is the on-going trial of Mark Stobbe and the search for a rapist at the university.

It makes me think that Prime Minister Harper might be on to something good with his tough on crime bill. The sentences these people recceive seem to be nothing compared to the damage they've done.

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