Thursday, February 9, 2012

The fork in the road

A short while ago the city announced its long-term plan to grow the city up rather than out. Our increasing population was going to be accommodated within the existing footprint. It was to be density over sprawl.

Shortly after that, in speaking with a builder/developer, he said it wouldn't work and that people respond by taking their money to surrounding bedroom communities to get what they wanted, being their own little patch of land. He also said that that the average lot cost in the city is now $150,000 and of that about $35,000 represents new levies imposed on developers by the city, which are passed on to homeowners.

With the release of the recent census data it would appear that migration is already happening. Martensville is the hottest spot, followed by Warmen. It makes sense when you think about it. Living in a bedroom community means you have easy access to the amenities of the city without bearing the costs.

It is also a good time to remember that when our civic leaders speak of our growing and thriving metropolis having a population of 250,000 they are speaking of Saskatoon Region, not just the City of Saskatoon. And to also remember it is only those that live within the city limits that pay the cost of our rapid growth and wear the debt.


  1. I really hope that the complaints that are submitted to SASKATOON City Council regarding services/amenities in SASKATOON by those who live in Warman, Martensville, etc are ignored.

  2. Of course they aren't ignored. I do however wish that the city of Saskatoon began charging additional fees for out of town users of amenities. If a resident from Martensville or elsewhere wants to utilize our services they better be paying significantly more.

  3. The solution is simple we annex them as one of our suburbs. Provide sewer, water and elect a few more councilors and raise their taxes.

    Nothing comes free anymore.

    I hear a lot of people saying how great it is to live in a small community. Yet they work and play in Saskatoon. They have also complained about the condition of our roads which they use on a daily basis. Something has to change soon. Maybe apply a road tax to all motorists commuting to Saskatoon.

  4. If you don't pay taxes to Saskatoon, you should be charged for the use of the amenities as well as a tax on the use of the vehicles that use the road ways for their daily commute. Not everyone wants to be annexed to Saskatoon, nor should they.


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