Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The prodigal son?

I have a lot of empathy for the 10 senior residents at the Humboldt senior home who are being re-located by the Saskatoon Health Region. It seems harsh to take the elderly away from one home to another, but it does speak to the lack of fore planning by governments past to provide necessary accommodation to a growing population of elderly Saskatchewan residents in need of care.

In today's SP (Feb. 22/12) it reported that a son of one such resident now wants financial compensation for the trauma his mother has suffered. His mother is being moved to a new seniors' home, being given a motorized wheelchair, a bathtub lift, rent differential for about a year, return of her damage deposit and necessary medical personnel to ensure a smooth transition. She is not being put on the street nor is he required to take her into his home and care for her. You think he would be happy that she will have a decent place to live. Rather he comes across as greedy.

The Saskatoon Health Region reports it is spending about $25,000 per senior to assist in the relocation process. The reason for the move apparently is an unstable floor and a need for space for seniors that have need for even greater care. I hope these 10 seniors will settle into their new homes and have as good or better quality of life as they did to date.

As for sonny boy - take a hike.

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