Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short term gains

I appreciate the efforts of the city to improve the quality of life in some west side neighbourhoods through enhanced housing and beefed-up policing (SP Feb. 21/12.) But until you deal with the root causes of crime, these efforts just mean you are moving the problems somewhere else.

Young girls don't go out prostituting themselves because they like having sex with sleazy men. They do it for money and because they have no other means to earn it. Drug addicts do not mug people or rob homes for any other reason than they need money and robbery is easy access to money. The same can be said for most vices.

Throwing offenders in jail only provides a short-term relief to the problems. Poverty, lack of education and discrimination are the issues that have to be tackled and it will require a co-ordinated effort on the part of all levels of government. It requires hope for the future for marginalized citizens.

Decent affordable housing and access to life's necessities may provide some hope, but they also have to have the opportunity advance beyond bare necessities and create something for themselves. To do less may mean we are simply creating tomorrow's ghetto.

This is a start and I hope it doesn't stop here.

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  1. I am willing to accept the short term relief provided by throwing a criminal in jail while we work on the longterm problems.


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