Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Justice for all

I'm not a Vellacott fan, but I was happy to see him win his defamation suit, although the award was insignificant especially if he wasn't awarded court costs. I think it sends a good message that it is one thing to question a politician's stand on an issue or founded facts on their character, but unfounded allegations intended to smear their reputation is not acceptable.

Asking a yes or no question, designed to leave the impression that its true, is the same as stating the untrue accusation. By example, if you ask the yes or no question "Are you still beating your wife." even if you answer no it implies that you once did or that your no response may be untruthful.

Over the last few elections we have been heading into the US style of negative smear campaigns and I for one would like it to stop. Maybe a few judgments like this will help curb these actions.


  1. Where do you stand on anybody who wants to curtail e-snooping being told that they are then "for" child pornographers?

  2. So Civic Mistress are you still thinking of making a political comeback? Sorry I couldn't resist.


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