Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What am I missing?

I am stymied by the argument put forth by labour with respect to opposition to the proposed CETA agreement, particularly the one about privatizing Canada's drinking water and sanitation systems. I thought during the potash debate it was clear that our country had control over its resources and could restrict outside corporations' activities here. Can anyone tell me what this is about?

Councillor Clark says this agreement will tie our hands into the future to do the things we need to do to develop our local economy. I thought most of the city's tenders had a rider that allowed consideration for other elements outside of best price.

Councillor Loewen said that we already have a procurement policy that is open to bidders from around the world and that CETA doesn't add much to the arsenal in terms of getting advantages. If that's the case, why oppose the agreement?

And I am taken aback that Councillor Iwanchuk was absent for this vote and to speak to the motion she put forth.


  1. Darren was backtracking so hard it was unbelievable and the admisssion he had not read his information before voting was interesting to say the least. Councillor Lowewen seemed amused about the whole thing and Pat just sat and said nothing, a real task for her. Coucillor Clark bumbled through some incoherant explanation obviously very uncomfortable with the position Iwanchuk had left him in. All speakers were prepared and presented their views well but let's face it folks nobody wants to take over transit water treatment in Saskatoon!

  2. The left on Council exposed themselves for what they are, self serving ideologues.

    Saskatoon should remember this when these comrades run in the next election.

    Why does this Council continue to let their egos get in the way. Everything from trying to help consumers buy into property they can't afford by giving them the down payment to opposing international trade deals with other nations because Saskatoon's City Council was not invited to partake in the negotiations?

    Does Charlie Clark really think that the Federal Government should be calling him up for every national issue to gauge how much it will impact his abilities as a Saskatoon City Councillor?

  3. Haven't we all figuerd out that Darren Hill doesn't really stand for anything and will do or say anything if he thinks it may score him some political points?

    Hill is the worst kind of politician around, stands for absolutely nothing except getting re-elected. He's a carciture of politicians.

  4. At the end of the day, it's Council that votes on service agreements - for the City to privatize our water and electricial grids Council would have to vote to open that process up (CETA or no CETA).

    Given that the City already meets all the requirements that will be included in CETA for RFP bids, I've never really understood why we would need an exemption.

    That being said, I'm all for a debate - but a debate of substance and not grand-standing on both sides.

  5. The "grand-standing on both sides" was predicated by the grand-standing of one person,Coucillor Iwanchuk. With out that we would not have need to hear from anyone or waste anyones time! This an example of ideology inserting itself into our council through finger puppets on council controlled by unelected people outside of council.

  6. Having watched Council very closely over the past three years, rest assured there are no "finger puppets" amongst the 11 individuals.

    conspiracy theories are fun to play with, but have little basis in reality.


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