Friday, October 9, 2009

Bikes, trikes and automobiles

It's hard to argue against the physical benefits and environmental positions taken by cyclists, although the counterpoint to the environmental position of 20 cars lined up behind a cyclist doing 10 kph and spewing carbon has merit. I would agree that all new development should provide for separate bikes lanes, but revamping the core areas is problematic. However, if all vehicles are going to share the same road, then all vehicles and drivers should meet the same standard. Licence all vehicles regardless of number of wheels or means of propulsion. Ensure all vehicles have headlights, tail lights and turning signals. Cyclists should require a licence to operate their vehicle. No vehicles should be allowed on pedestrian walkways/crosswalks or to sideswipe people without penalty. And remember - David and Goliath is a myth. The reality is: semi-trailers trump trucks, trucks trump cars, cars trump bikes, and bikes trump pedestrians. You can't win a fight against a 1,000+/- kg opponent. Drive/pedal/walk safely.

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