Monday, October 19, 2009

Pay Up John

A while back council passed a bylaw regarding sidewalk snow clearing - and then said it wouldn't be enforced. I thought this odd. It appears that Bylaw No. 8491 The Campaign Disclosure and Spending Limits Bylaw is another that is on the books but not enforced. It was last reported that Mayoralty candidate John Melenchuk did not file the appropriate paper work after the election in 2006. If the maximum fine was to be applied Mr. Melenchuk could be under obligation to the city for up to 4.5 million dollars, give or take, before this election even started. This has better money making potential then the red-light cameras!

Hmm . . wish they would take the same attitude with enforcement of parking tickets


  1. John who???? come on folks let's stick to issues not personal BS

  2. Hey, Johnny could end paying for the entire debt Atch has put the city under.


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