Friday, October 9, 2009

Racing down Hill

. . on a very slippery slope. I don't have a problem with people making a mistake if they accept responsibility for it. It is just plain wrong to use goods provided and paid for with tax dollars for personal gain. When Ward 1 incumbent Darren Hill attached his City Hall business card to his political fund-raising solicitation letter and fobbed responsibility onto a 'over zealous volunteer' it simply highlighted his character and judgment, or lack thereof. Oh well, the 'Over zealous volunteer' excuse got Dwain Lingenfelter elected as fearless leader of the NDP.


  1. You have been a busy Mistress this morning...great posts Elaine!!

  2. How much tax dollars does a business card cost? lol My guess is pennies per card. Relax Elaine. Find a substantive issue to dislike a person or just come out and say it....

    If you didnt like someone for no good reason, I can respect that, ya cant like everyone! Just spew your hate once... and move on!! I get it lol

    But your thinly veiled hate is....tiring, I love readin local blogs, but your's gets tired too fast.... but I WANT TO Stay and read, just give me something worthwhile.

  3. Anonymous, you miss the point, which is that Hill has been trickling down a slippery slope in the things he does.
    I say cheers to Civic Mistress for pointing this out. Who is going to hold elected representatives responsible if not the electorate?!
    Would you say it was OK for him to use tax dollars for a campaign dinner? I don't think so...just because the dollar amount varies, the act is the same. Dishonest, dishonest, dishonest!

  4. What about the dishonest liest Carol is pushing well she has already broken signage laws during this election? And given her fierce support for Maurice Vellacott can residents be guranteed they will be represented no matter their race?


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