Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who's up to bat

Over this last term Ward 3 incumbent Maurice (aka Moe) Neault produced/directed his own episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent by taking his Louisville Slugger to the transit mall in his ward to protect his constituents from some little thugs. I am curious as to whether or not his constituents will be going to bat for him on October 28.

This is not a recommended practice for law abiding citizens and mere mortals.


  1. Given Moes physical appearance, I doubt he needed a bat. Just woundering if he is a switch hitter?

  2. Maybe we will see a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit spin-off this election when Maurice goes vigilante against the prostitutes, pimps and johns.

    What would make city council much better is if each councilor was required to do their vigilante part. They could draw assignments and weapons like in a clue game. Who wouldn't want to see: Moe 22nd St....with the dagger or Charlie Clark....Broadway and 10th.....with the candlestick.... or Mayor Atch.....Idywyld....with the wrench. Now that would make must see tv.

  3. Elaine,

    I hope you don't stop blogging after council resumes. Make it ongoing. I like your saucy sense of humor.

  4. This was some time ago, and your facts aren't quite correct. Moe didn't take his Louisville Slugger, but he did step up to the plate and again hit a home run for the residents of Ward 3. There has not been an incident at the transit mall at Confed in the last 3 years. Way to go Moe!! I'll be voting for you.


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