Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bulldozers move dirt

A friend sent me a copy of a letter Ward 1 incumbent Darren Hill was circulating that stated his challenger Carol Reynolds was a bulldozer. I would scale that down to a bobcat. In listening to her speak I would guess the little bobcat can excavate to the root of problems and move dirt and garbage to the side. This is a interesting race - bulldozer vs. bull. . . .


  1. Sounds like you're backing Carol Reynolds. Why does she make a better councillor than Hill?

  2. I can't answer that question, but I would say that the repeated abuses/questionable decisions surrounding Hill's campaign have shed enough light on his character to lose my confidence in him running the city. The last thing we need are more councillors willing to play ball in the grey area and cross that line. Even if he claims to be ignorant to the violations that is still not a trait that I want in someone entrusted to running the city.

    Reynolds would have my vote based simply on the fact that it is a vote against Hill, who has proven he does not have the character to make important decisions regarding the direction of our city.

  3. Tough choice in ward 1. You can either vote for Darren Hill or you can vote for a Vellacott minion. The two choices make me sick

  4. There are no violations that I know of relating to Darren Hill's campaign..unless you know of something? Please share.

    I would rather a vote be decided on issues that matter, like if you didnt like someone's stance on garbage removal or property taxes etc. Instead of grasping at straws. My guess is, you dont have anything of substance against Darren Hill....or worse, there is no substantial reason why Carol Reynold deserves your vote. Just because she's opposition? Please, make a person earn your vote!

  5. Darren Hill lost my vote when he took down signs during the last provincial election of opposition the party, then he cemented the fact when he used poor judgment in taking out the billboards that either violate or are completely against the spirit of the bylaw on campaign spending. to top it off, including his tax payer paid business cards in a mail out to constituents?

    Either way you slice it, his actions come off as dishonest and untrustworthy. For that reason, i would refuse to vote for him and if forced to make a choice vote for Reynolds. There is no way to justify that a sleaze ball like Hill should be re-elected.

  6. Thanks for the many comments. The purpose of my blog is to invite just such discourse. Although I have met each candidate I do not personally know either candidate. As the incumbent Mr. Hill on his record and has a track record that should be examined. In my opinion some of his conduct calls into question his judgment and character. Ms. Reynolds on the other hand puts forward her ideas for consideration and to my knowledge has nothing in her history to question with respect to conduct. It will be up to Ward 1 voters to decide. Enjoyed the dialogue.

  7. It is like being handed two apples and knowing that one of the apples is for sure rotten. Assuming you HAD to take a bite of one of the apples would you take a bite out of the rotten apple or risk it with the other apple?

    That is how I see the ward 1 candidates. I live in ward 1 and am facing such a decision. Do I vote for the 'rotten apple' Hill or take a chance on Reynolds who may or may not turn out to be a good or bad apple. You can probably tell which way I am leaning.

    Hill has a history of shady acts that lead me to believe he will stoop to any level to gain a competitive edge. As far as I am concerned my vote is Reynolds to lose, I hope that as the election approaches we hear more about her ideas and who she is. I have met her once at a function and I find it hard to believe she is a Vellacott minion. If anything Vellacott and Hill share a more common using tax dollars to mail out their personal propaganda.

  8. Wow,
    I can't say I know anything about either of these candidates but this fight sure beats the hell out of the non-event happening in Ward 5. I see there are 2 people running, incumbent Gord Wyant and newcomer Tracy Westgard. Mr. Wyant has been visible goingdoor to door as well with his lovely billboards. As for Westgard maybe he is so new to the ward he doesn't even know where it is. No Signs, no mutli-media, nothing web based. Now that's what I call putting the cheap into and election campaign.

  9. Carol Reynolds is a supporter of Maurice Vellacott. If you need an example of a rotten apple there you have it.

    Darren Hill has his issues but if you are going to go negative against him atleast get the facts correct. He never took down signs from the Saskatchewan party but signs put up by a group with no formal role in the election.

  10. This post seems to have provoked a good debate out there..democracy in action! Love it!

  11. Carol Reynolds worked for Kelly Block's campaign in the last election. There has been no indication that she is a "supporter" of Vellacott outside of the fact that she is a Conservative.

    Darren Hill is a shifty so-and-so. He has already been reprimanded for misrepresenting himself for an election event disguised as a "town hall meeting". Furthermore, he had denied that his stupid "New 2 You" campaign, whereby residents toss their junk onto their front lawns, was in fact an election expense. This despite that the branding for both the "New 2 You" and his own election campaign used the same colours, fonts, website format and even the same photos of Hill himself. The guy is a goof.

    That said, I can't recommend Reynolds either. I don't know what she stands for, and I suspect that she doesn't either.

    Pretty weak selection in Ward 1. I'm spoiling my ballot.

  12. Kelly Block and Brad Trost are both Vellacott minions and the same goes for Carol Reynolds.

    Hill is a joke but if I were voting in ward 1 I would take the joke over an individual who is connected to Vellacott anyday.

  13. If you are unsure about what Carol stands for, all you need to do is visit her website which is www.electcarolreynolds.com
    You will see that she actually has a campaign, whereas Hill has a list of inquiries with no proof of any follow up, not to mention a non-existent campaign platform.

    Hill has a poor track record - aside from the already discussed shady acts of his, he initiated a skate pad project when he was VP of the City Park Community Association. That was three plus years ago.
    To date, all City park residents have is an asphalt pad which they are completely unhappy with. Darren obviously does not give a flying fart about his residents! Who wants a councillor who can't even get a skate pad built in 3 years!

    The same goes for his conveniently timed 'New2U' recycling project..he claims this took him three years as well, and he doesn't even have city backing for it. Recycling is good, but perhaps Hill needs to read city bylaws and re familiarize himself with them since he likes to break them so often!

    Hill has also broken the temporary sign bylaw he and city council voted for. He blatantly placed 4x8 signs on residential areas, which are not allowed under the temporary election sign bylaw, and when asked to remove them by the Sign Clerk, proceeded to cut those 4x8s into smaller sections, while keeping them in the same spot! This guy loves to play in the gray areas of the law when he isn't outright breaking them! Check it out with Janice Mann, City Clerk - she can tell you whether Hill has crossed lines and broken laws!

    One final thing I wish to point out about Hill is that he has taken out a Sask Party membership this year, while also campaigning at NDP events in the city. At least Reynolds doesn't hide where she stands on the political spectrum!

  14. Maybe Hill could tell the public why he was fired from the Saskatoon Inn and Dark Horse studios. And I agree, anyone who so blatantly breaks the sign by-law shouldn't be representing this ward, after his expierience removing signs on Warman Road I am left to wonder where all of Reynolds signs have disappeared to?

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  16. This is fun! At least in this Ward both candidates are residents, unortunately that can't be said for all the Wards. Dear Mistress or anyone who knows, please list the candidates who do live in the Ward they are trying to represent. The Waed system to work properly should require resident status. Since it doesn't can someone out there tell us who is trying to "sneak under the fence" so to speak.

  17. Go Carol and her campaign! Well residents of ward 1 continue to deal with real issues you are complaining about sign laws which your own campaign has broken over and over.

    Samantha, I actually have no idea where Carol stands. She hangs out with individuals like Maurice Vellacott so I do wonder if she shares his views on aboriginals?

  18. I'm a little late with this comment, but I am currently in Ward One and unfortunately one who voted for Hill. I fell for the siren song of recycling.... Anyway, any 'discussions' I have had with Hill I have found that he has a preconcieved notion of "us people who don't read properly and jump to conclusions". I have also found him very defensive and plain unable to have a discussion about what he is doing on council for me.

    I wouldn't vote for him again


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