Thursday, October 22, 2009

It ain't broke

I am a great supporter of the riverbank development done by the MVA. I love the trails, swales and conservation sites. The trails provide use and enjoyment for all citizens and, coupled with the conservation sites, enhance learning opportunities for students. And I like the current location of the MVA. It is in the heart of the city. Over the last 25+ years all the money expended on development of the trails/sites has been money well invested in the community.

To move the administration offices to the old Mendel site would drain money away from the ongoing development of the riverbank trails, which is the paramount mandate of the MVA, or demand excessive new tax dollars. I know they want education related centres - but Mother Nature herself is the best educator. When you start expanding administrative space you start looking for ways to fill it. When you fill it you need more money to operate and maintain it.

The MVA should keep doing what they are doing - develop and enhance the trails and use of the riverbank.

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