Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amused and amazed

As I traverse the city streets under construction in an attempt to navigate access to my home I try to keep in mind that the repair season is short and that this too shall pass. I'm pretty much locked in and everyday is a new travel challenge.

At the intersection of 8th Street East and Lorne Avenue the city has set up shop and has been on the job for several weeks, and by the looks of things will be there for the duration of the summer. At this intersection there is only one way to go - a left turn access for local residents. What I find amusing is that the city has not turned off the full traffic signals and temporarily converted the intersection to a flashing yellow caution signal. What I find amazing is that people sit through the full set of signals, including turning arrows to closed streets.

I am curious as to whether the city vehicles sit through this traffic light and how much time is wasted if they do.

And I can hardly wait until the exhibition starts. The ride to and from the grounds, over increasingly large potholes, will rival anything the carnival folks have to offer.

Ah, summer in the city!


  1. ha toss in the freeway construction (or lack of construction if you see the workers smoking on the side of the road all day) and exhibition goers will be in for a treat. traffic in and around that area is going to be next to impossible with the lorne avenue outlet essentially blocked off for any escape. residents of ruth and perhaps even broadway should expect to see increased traffic as well.

    what i can't figure out is why they have shut down so many arteries with small crews working at each one. why not send a crew to a specific site and hammer through the work and finish and move on.

    on a similar note, the light at 8th and victoria has not been adjusted either. meaning that for the most part people are forced to form exceedingly long lines down victoria ave(especially during rush hour) as they sit at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green. traffic has thinned so much since the only real option for those travelling down 8th is to turn right (don't need a light) or left onto victoria. why they haven't altered this section is also beyond me. the victoria light also isn't very long (like most lights across 8th) so only a small percentage of the line is allowed to pass through. very frustrating and makes you wonder what the yahoos at city hall are up too...... oh yeah they are all on their plush summer vacations

  2. I must agree that the half-assed job the City is doing on traffic control is par for the coarse and nothing unexpected.

    My example is College/Clarence/25thSt Bridge. They have seemingly blocked traffic going north on Clarence why??? because the Sid Buck bridge is under construction and want to make it easier for traffic down town to get out of there quickly. (BTW I love using the Sid these days it flows great) So they create additional problems for a quiet neighbourhood.(you may have read about it) But don't change the timing of the lights?? Then comes the disruption of 8th between Arlington and Acadia they once again force traffic down a quiet neighbourhood to Arlington and Taylor, where the light for traffic on Arlington allows at best 2 cars to make a left turn to head East!!!! Change the fricken light already!!!!

    But why am I complaining no one said or has any evidence that the planning dept knows what they are doing. I call City hall regularly to ask them to look at this or that as I drive the city. Little things I notice that would make ones life easier while driving and you know after continued calls they do get to it about a month later.

    So what is with the " your calls are being recorded" message you get when you call a city department anyways? Could these be accessed thru freedom of information?? I would love to hear what people have to say to the Public works dept. Could run a reality TV show off them I bet.

    Such is life in Saskatoon I say Suck it Up Princess it's only your time they are a wasting not theirs.

  3. For all those out there who don't think the Traffic Bridge is essential to the movement of traffic, particularly from Nutana to Downtown check out that bridge from 7-8:30AM and 4-5:30PM every day. It is extremely busy, as is the Broadway bridge anyone who thinks the Traffic Bridge should be converted to bike/ped only is week in the head1


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