Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Liz et al

Today's Opinion column (SP July 7/10) raises the question of maintaining the monarchy. The polling suggests that 33% want to maintain the monarchy, 36% want an elected head of state and 32% don't give a damn. I personally fall into the 32% indifferent category. The Queen Bee neither offends or appeals to me. Her role for all intents is ceremonial and she adds a splash of color when she visits the colony. However my opinion may change with the coronation of her heir.

The interesting question raised is would our political system change if we didn't abide by the British Parliamentary system of government. I agree with the editorialists that this is a debate worth having in Canada. Interestingly the polling on the issue of the monarchy sounds much like the outcome of an election. I suspect Quebec would form the 36% against, Ontario would be the 33% in support and the rest of Canada would fill in the 32%. And every party would play to these numbers and the debate would be for not. No federal party is going to risk losing 33% of the vote on this issue.

Then again, the profile of Prince Chuck on our money vis-a-vis Sweet William may change the opinions of many.

I bow to your views on this matter.

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  1. I have always had an attachment to the Royal Family. There is something historic about the Monarchy that is part of what Canada is.

    I agree in today's day and age they mean very little to the political aspects of our country but just like all the old buildings/Steel Bridges etc. we feel compelled to save at any cost, I would suggest the Royal Family falls into this aspect of our Psyche. So I would hope all those people asking to save our Heritage Buildings that have little or no value push hard to keep this part of our heritage around for years to come.


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