Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hnat's gnats

I'm back from a trip to beautiful Northern Saskatchewan where I visited with the black flies, horse flies and 'squites and discovered with I am more annoyed with the gnats of the social and justice systems that anything Mother Nature has to offer.

In today;s SP (July 20/10) it was reported that the teen convicted of a murder in 2003 is back in court for the sale of marijuana and breach of probation conditions. His identity is still protected, although he is now 22 years old. Compliments of the taxpayer, through the Youth Criminal Justice Act, he has his rent and basic living expenses paid and receives $350.00 a month for income, so clearly he was not selling weed out of necessity. He is entitled to fully funded counselling and rehab programs as well as travel expenses for family visits. His lawyer stated that he intended to attend university this fall and in all likelihood those costs will be covered as well. What lesson is being taught and learned via this program?

At the same time we have single parents trying to raise families on minimal substance either through poorly paid jobs or social service assistance. So I can't help but wonder if we would be better off spending this money at the front end, during their growing up years, rather than teaching them how to play the system after they have committed violent crimes.

At least I can swat Mother Nature's irksome gifts.

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  1. When I started reading that article I thought it was some kind of Joke a parody of sorts on society and our willingness to do what ever it takes to "reform" someone instead of punishing them for their crimes.

    This punk kills someone and in return gets free room and board spending money and a free education. Meanwhile my kids, and many like them, behave themselves go to school do chores maybe even get a part time job get a a little spending money and by 18 are required to either get a full time job or start spending huge dollars for and education.

    I sure miss the good old days where if you did a crime you paid the time. This kid is obviously not going to change and as an adult the sentence should reflect such. For the judge to say the consequences would be harder than what the actual crime would get him is BULL!!! these acts are being undertaken as a result of his previous convictions they haven't been white washed under the carpet. This wasn't his fist slip up. At 22 he needs to pay the piper!

    I must say it is cases and judges like this that will keep the Harper government in power for years to come.


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