Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The sound of silence

There are certain sounds in the city that I relate to spring and summer. The sound of people, out and about, walking, biking, laughing and talking at festivals in raised voices, outdoor music concerts and city folk just exhibiting the joy of being. Add to the mix lawn mowers and kids noisily playing in parks. And dogs barking. And motorcycles.

I know the vroom vroom from a motorcycle late at night can be annoying and I wish bikers would not rev their machines - but its in their blood. It is music to their ears. Its part of the sounds of summer.

Within reason, I love the sounds of summer. The decibel level of silence should be reserved for the grave.


  1. My concern with the motorcycles is that if your muffler is broken you can receive a ticket for loud noise, yet many of these motorcycles are designed to be louder than a broken muffler.

    Such hypocrisy in Saskatoon.

  2. And many of the aftermarket exhaust systems are ALREADY illegal for on-road use because they don't meet federal requirements for both noise and emissions.

    Interestingly the problem of "loud pipes" seems to be less of a problem in jurisdictions that have mandatory emissions testing every year. Few people will go through the bother of swapping their exhaust system back to factory original just to pass emissions testing.


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