Monday, July 5, 2010

Whose got attitude?

Every now and then the stars align themselves and the world seems right. I actually had three sunny days at the lake, which may be summer this year, and rather than lament those summer days lost I will take a page from the woman who resides in the flood prone area of Westview. I was taken aback at her comments in the SP (July 3/10) when, rather than complaining about the trauma caused to her neighbourhood which was suffered basement flooding more than once, she stated "We lose our furniture, we lose our stuff, but we have a house and a place to stay. There is no better place to be. We'd rather have the houses, great houses with great landlords....(flooding) is a usual thing that's part of what makes life interesting." What a good attitude.

Given her good attitude, I kind of lean towards Councillor Heidt's idea of relocating this housing project. The flooding problem in this neighbourhood is not going away and these families have been hit hard before. Most probably can't get insurance and I doubt that the Saskatoon Housing Authority has the resources to pay the freight.

Who I hope Heidt will question are the city planners and engineers who designed this area. They are the ones who should be called on the carpet and held to account for what appears to be a flaw in planning and engineering.

Then again, the best laid plans . . .

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  1. Was that area not laid out in the 60's or 70's? He might have trouble finding anyone to lay the blame on.


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