Thursday, July 22, 2010

Show and tell

On first reading I was shocked and awed by the city auditor's report that we have the second lowest tax bill of the major prairie cities (SP July 22/10.) My next thought was if my husband and I only paid $650.00 each for property tax, I would be a happy camper. But I do understand per capita and its wide net. And I do understand politicial spin.

Before I sing kudos to the city, I would like to know whether all of these other cities add infrastructure charges on their utility bills. And whether or not they each have a separate tax line for library services as we do. I would also like to know what the accumulated and pending debt levels are to date. At some point the debt will have to be repaid and it is at that point we will face greater taxation or fewer services.

As for the spending on services, it came as no surprise that we spend less on road maintenance and snow removal. Of all the cities listed I would guess that Saskatoon wins on pot holes and crumbling sidewalks.

I suspect this report is simply setting the stage for the tax increases to come. Make your popcorn, put your feet up and wait for the show to begin.

Another EDO is coming my way. We'll chat Monday.

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