Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The famous and the infamous

I expect my comments today will serve to bring out the division between gender and generations.

There was a time in this city when streets and civic amenities were named to recognize the contributions of citizens who contributed to growth and development of Saskatoon and they came from all walks of life and contributed in numerous ways.

Now we sell the names to our civic buildings and recognize celebrity.

Today's SP (June 29/11) reports that Shannon Tweed is having a street name in her honour. Becoming a Playboy Bunny and teaming up with old reprobates to further your career doesn't cut it with me.

I admit I'm not a fan of reality TV. I tried watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels program once and couldn't make it through the end.

I don't see Hugh Heffner or Gene Simmons as being role models that I would want young men to emulate. I do not see Tweed as a role model for young women. Each have achieved fame and fortune but that does not necessarily equate to honourable actions or contributions.

I don't think it will promote tourism in Saskatoon.

However, Dallas, Texas, named a street for Simmons and gave him a key to the city. Is the next step presenting Tweed with a key to our city? Is she of a Terry Fox or Katrina LeMay calibre?

This is an insult to the long list of people on the naming roster who deserve recognition for acts of selfless dedication to Saskatoon.


  1. I'll make sure my dog uses the street sign to do its business. Right after it finishes its first round at Hnatyshyn Park.

  2. anon 11:17

    You show your immaturity and stupidity with such a comment. If you new anything about Hnatyshyn Park you would realize the Park is named after the Sen. J. Hnatyshyn who was also the father of Ray Hnatyshyn a Governor General of Canada.

    Me thinks this persons contributions far out weigh anything Shannon Tween could achieve or for that you yourself. If you have a problem with the Mistress' stance say so with at least the mentality of a 6 yr old.

  3. What an insulting immature post Anon 11:17. Regardless of whether you agree with the Mistresses political positions at least she had the fortitude to put forth her effort to better Saskatoon. There are numerous Councillors who I think are off base on their views, however, I at least have the decency to show them some respect for putting themselves out there to make this a better place for me to live.

    It is sad that you resort to personal and insulting attacks on people with whom you disagree with. I suspect you are one of the multitude who screams about rights and freedoms, yet are hypocritical enough to call down those who don't share your views.

    Oh and Anon 11:52 is correct, the Hnatyshyn Park is not even named after Elaine, but rather Senator Hnatyshyn who served in another great Saskatchewan politician's cabinet (Diefenbaker).

    So Anon 11:17, please get lost if your only contribution is to smear. I think all would gladly welcome debate on the daily subjects, but the useless smears against Elaine over some grudge you carry is growing old.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the post today on a side note. Dishing off naming rights based on someone's 15 minutes of fame is far from the same as honoring someone who has actually committed themselves to bettering the City, Province, or Country.

    Speaking of which, Mistress when will be seeing Elaine Hnatyshyn street/park/school/etc.. ;) (I suspect at least not until current council is booted next year)

  4. Shows how well our resident civic experts know Saskatoon:

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Mistress on having a park named after you. I have had the pleasure to visit the Senator John Hnatyshyn Park and will certainly make a point to swing by the new Elaine Hnatyshyn Park.

  6. Wow its true, Elaine has her own park so that makes Anon 11:17's comments even more asinine.

    Congrats Elaine you deserve it if Anon 11:17 wants a park maybe they could give us there civic resume.

  7. On a side note, enjoyed your first articles in the new Saskatchewan Express Elaine. Keep up the good work, whether people agree with or not you provoke much needed debate on local issues.

    We need more people willing to facilitate discussion on local topics, especially those with an understanding of how City Hall works.

  8. "I don't see Hugh Heffner or Gene Simmons as being role models that I would want young men to emulate. I do not see Tweed as a role model for young women. Each have achieved fame and fortune but that does not necessarily equate to honourable actions or contributions"

    I guess you know nothing about Hefner then, given how much he has done with respect to free speech, civil rights, etc.

    As for Tweed, come on, Cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death is a classic. :-)

  9. Yes, kudos to those politicians who reap the acclaim that comes with generously spending other people's money.

    Shannon Tweed, however, has not increased my tax rates or blown taxpayer dollars on frivolous vanity projects, she is probably a decent person and, like it or not, she has been an unabashed ambassidor for the city.

    This is not to say we should to lump all politicians in the same boat. Some politicians might actually do more good than harm. But being elected to public office is not the only way people can give back to their community. Therefore I'm happy to see non-political citizens get some public recognition for their contribution from time to time.

    Congratulations nonetheless to the mistress on her recognition.


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