Monday, June 6, 2011

High flyers

I get why the Councillors and Mayor are at the conference in Halifax. I appreciate their efforts in bringing business to Saskatoon next year by hosting the FCM here next June (SP June 6/11).

What I don't get is why the Mayor flew back for the announcement of the art gallery donation and returned to the FCM after the announcement.

The FCM dates are established well in advance. When setting the date for the gallery donation announcement, could it not have been set for before or after the FCM conference? Hell, word of the donation was on the street weeks ago. Would a couple of days mattered? And shouldn't councillors been there as well to show their appreciation to Remai?

It is this sort of expense that galls taxpayers. It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but the drops eventually fill the bucket.

If the Mayor keeps this up he may be kicking the political bucket sooner rather than later.


  1. I gave the mayor a free pass when he did this regarding the south bridge announcement (flew to Toronto for a day, flew home for announcement, flew back to Toronto). But this is ludicrous, clearly the mayor has no respect for tax payer money. If he only sees this as a drop in the bucket it goes to his arrogance or indifference.

    In all he'll make 4 cross country trips simply to show up and have his photo taken with Remai.

    Something needs to be done about Atch's indifference to blowing through tax payer least he got some extra usage out of the Maple Leaf Lounge membership that he charged to the fine people of Saskatoon.

  2. Atch had no control over when the announcement was made, he's simply the bumbling, stumbling stooge of Saskatoon's ruling elites.

    Never has a person more resembled a real life version of Mr. Bumble the beadle than our incumbent mayor.

  3. Why is sending basically our entire council to Halifax for a conference (spun as trying to prepare for when we host next year) considered money well spent in trying to promote Saskatoon, where money spent by Canada to host the G20 and promote Canada is money poorly spent.

    I heard so much outrage about the G20 summit and spending money to promote Canada that I now cannot believe that there is silence on sending out entire council out to promote Saskatoon.

    Why is spending money on one good and spending money on another bad. This isn't about the amounts being spent, but rather the principle behind it. I'm confused.

    As for Atch's additional flight home, is anyone really surprised that he spent our tax payer money on an unnecessary flight home to witness a donation to the unnecessary art gallery being build before flying back out to conference that was unnecessary for him to attend in the first place.

    Ego before brains with this mayor.


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