Thursday, June 23, 2011

The people have spoken

The $700,000.00 Saskatoon Speaks report is in. It was interesting to read the comments of some Councillors in today's SP (June 23/11) as to the value of the report. In response to the sample size Councillor Neault said "four percent of the population doesn't really cut it for me." Councillor Hill said it was "a glass half-empty" take. Councillor Penner stated: "For us to just put this on the shelf somewhere doesn't do it justice."

So the Saskatoon Speaks report was put online where dust motes don't exist.


  1. Frankly, if the "silent majority" didn't take the time to give input into this process then too bad. If your not willing to speak up then don't be surprised if your views don't get included in processes such as Saskatoon Speaks.

    The question I have is why did Atch or Neault support this process going forward in the first place if they were just going to crap on it after the fact (read their comments in David Hutton's SP blog)? That 700K could have been used for other things more effectively then a report their happy to put on the shelf.

  2. The irony is delicious.

    The same folks who extol "personal responsibility" fall back on being the "silent majority" when their views are not represented in such works.

    Did they exhibit personal responsibility in engaging in their community's direction?

    I didn't think so.

  3. Lets face it most people don't express their feelings on these types of things as they are busy with their own lives to worry about what the city should look like in 50 years. That said had you done this same survey back in 1906 I doubt anyone would have been able to say what would be needed in 1956 with the advent of the automobile. The same can be said about our ever changing world.

    What concerns me is that Council can't get things right now what makes people think they will do so in the future. Take a look at circle drive and all the useless work being done because the city has allowed development so close to the roadway.

  4. The irony is delicious.

    The same people who bitch about $500,000 on lights for the Traffic Bridge extol the virtue of exhibiting personal responsibility in contributing toward a $700,000 report which will never see the light of day.

  5. That barely makes sense.


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