Monday, June 13, 2011

A Losing Battle

I live in Nutana, an area populated by numerous and massive elm trees. At this time of year the elms are shedding tons of seeds. Its like being showered by confetti. When they are done, the poplars will start bestowing fluff. I am resigned to waiting for a major yard clean until the end of June. I am as one with Mother Nature.

Last week I received my notice on street cleaning. The area was not posted as "no parking." As the day went on people working in the area or using the near-by park, parked on the street. The elms spewed seeds and the poplars are waiting their turn. When the cleaners finally came, the ran the machine around the parked cars and before they hit the end of the block, the street was filled with debris.

My question is why, when planning the street cleaning program, could the city not clean the areas that do not have large trees first and clean the older areas later in June?

The same thing will happen in Fall. The cleaners will come before the leaves are down. And then in Spring the City will send maintenance people to unplug the street drains that are clogged with wet leaves left from the Fall clean up.

I appreciate they are trying to clean the city. Its the timing that needs adjustment. Mother Nature is inflexible, but does city maintenance have to be as well?


  1. Boo Hoo Mistress,
    At least you get your street cleaned. I don't think I will see a cleaner this year but if they do I hope its after they fix all the holes.

    As for cleaning in general it is now the middle of June and many of the major roads haven't seen a cleaner or if they have, not well done, are still dirty with winter gravel.

    City Council is more interested in telling everyone how great our city is and building huge monuments to themselves then looking after the meta and potatoes of the city THE ROADS!!!

  2. Why are you so angry Anon 10:12?

    I think it's a valid point, why is the City wasting money street cleaning an area that will be overtaken with seeds within a day anyways. Meanwhile areas, such as yours, fail to get any sort of cleaning at all.

    I think this is further evidence of the brain dead workers at City Hall who have no vision and no understanding of what they are doing.

    The incompetence of the pot hole repairs, street maintenance in general, Traffic Bridge situation, construction projects around town, water budget, etc.... only goes to support this belief.

    We need a new mayor, new councillors, and their first order of business should be clearing out the dead weight at City Hall and hiring new and competent administration.

  3. Good idea Anon 10:47. Are you going to run??? Or just complain and throw around insults??

  4. I actually am finishing off some consultations and am planning on running, so Yes to answer your question.

    I still need to ensure the exposure will be okay with my employer and obtain the needed signatures to do so. But I do indeed intend on running in the next civic election for Councillor of my ward.

  5. To Anon 12:23 - Ward 9 I hope!!!

  6. Please do Anon 12:23. I hope you live in Ward 6, but even if you don't it doesn't matter here.

    Come out, come out wherever you are.


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