Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shoe-strings with knots

Saskatchewan Children's Festival, Children's Discovery Museum, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Wide Open Children's Theatre and the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association. Each one is a worthy organization. Each one operates on a shoe-string budget. Most do, or did, receive public funding in the form of city grants or support. I would agree that these small groups should consolidate in order to remain viable. But not in a publicly owned facility.

Didn't Council's decide to find a paying tenant so that the local taxpayer is not burdened with supporting another public facility?

The pending pitch for a Digital Arts Centre of Excellence could be viable if the U of S wants to create an off-campus site for this program. But I would expect the university to either buy the building or pay the freight for renovations and rent under a long-term lease. The renovations for this group would be so specific that should the program cease there wouldn't be another tenant that could use it without another massive renovation.

It will be hard for Council to resist the pleas of these groups when they fill the Chamber. But I hope some will hear the pleas of the majority of taxpayers when they say "enough" to the spending and taxing.

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