Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say it ain't so

Over the rainy weekend I flipped on the television to check the programming. Normally I tape any program I wish to watch and then fast forward through the commercials. On this particular day I was simply cruising the guide when a commercial played. A man, looking like the generic version of everyone's granddad was speaking about his memories of taking this children to our provincial parks and in the background there was a young family visiting around a campfire. On this rainy day it was a very appealing picture. He spoke about how his children are now doing the same thing with their children. It was heart-warming and I thought it must be an organization promoting family values .

His tone quickly changed and he stated "Don't let the Wall government privatize our parks."

I was taken aback. Did I miss something? Has our government even suggested that they would be privatizing our parks? I remember the controversay when a previous government increased fees etc. But I hadn't heard anything about this government tampering with provincial parks.

It followed with the announcement that the ad was sponsored by SGEU.

Enough said.


  1. The SGEU would never let the lack of a real issue, or the truth get in the way of their ability to protect us from Brad Wall, the Government Boogie man or things that go bump in the night. But the ads are hillarious.

  2. The SGEU is all about spreading as many lies as they can until the next election.

    They've been on an anti-Sask Party crusade for more than a year now.

    Just another public service union that is going to need to be broken by the Wall government.

    The sad thing is that the unions have actually convinced their members they have the public support, ha good luck SGEU. I hope it's a long bitter cold winter while you walk.

  3. "But I hadn't heard anything about this government tampering with provincial parks."

    That's because the only thing you read is the StarPhoenix, then clap "ork ork ork."

  4. Anon 8:49,

    For those of us simple minded folk can you please point us to a non SGEU link which states or impartially reports how the Sask Party is privatizing parks?

    I'm very curious as you seem to mock those who aren't as well read as you make yourself out to be.

    What Provincial Park have they privatized? Tried to privatize?

  5. I work for the SGEU, they are now taking more money of my pay cheques simply to run an advertising campaign against the government. So I guess I am paying for these commercials. I feel your pain... Sorry?

  6. Read the news? It is has been reported over and over that a number of services have been outsourced to private companies.


    The sly wolves

    is this where I say nuff said lol

  8. "Read the news? It is has been reported over and over that a number of services have been outsourced to private companies."

    Outsourcing jobs is not privatizing. Are you really so ignorant on the subject that you don't understand this concept?

    Perhaps your union has you convinced otherwise, but using private companies which are cheaper and more efficient and do better work than SGEU union members is called smart management of a Crown asset, don't confuse that with disposing of Crown assets.

    No parks are being sold so quit spreading lies. As mentioned above, the only website that can be provided that has any sort of support for your privatization site is the SGEU puppet site.

  9. The Saskatchewan Natural History Society did a good report about how privatisation was impacting Cypress Hills Park...

  10. Park land is being turned over to private leasehold, anon @12:45. Accusing others of lying only shows your ignorance.

    "This program turns publicly owned and managed land over to a select few private individuals through a process that involves the real estate industry, developers and entrepreneurs without representation and input by other stake holders."

  11. How insane are you people? Do you not realize you have been able to lease lots in National and Provincial parks for the last 100 years?

    This is as common as breathing in Canada. Our National/Provincial Parks have been built, maintained, and made what they are today because of this process. If you are saying that you believe that all leaseholders (you cannot buy property, but only lease it) in National and Provincial parks should be booted than you are actually self defeating their 'preserve our parks' mantra. Because well, preserving the parks would mean keeping the status quo which is allowing people to lease lots.

    Once again, your ignorance and twisting of the facts is shining through Anon 12:49.

  12. That is a SGEU puppet site? Are you kidding me you couldn't find a single independent unbiased source not connected to SGEU (if you really doubt that assertion click on the "See our Media Campaigns" box on the website).

    Secondly, all they talk about anyways is the privatization of certain services and a few cabins in one park (which if you did any background research would see were PRIVATELY OWNED already) being sold to a different private owner.

    You've got to be kidding me, this is you privatization of the parks information package? The best you got to send?

    Privatizing parks rings of selling a park to a private company, not hiring contract workers instead of overpaid lazy SGEU park employees. I think about pulling up to Greenwater Provincial Park and instead seeing PCS Provincial Park.

    What a joke you are Anon 12:18. I can't believe you are still ignorant enough fall for the wolves in sheep clothing schtick.

  13. These ads were run months ago and are similar to those pretending that only unionized workers can build shopping malls, roads or anything else safely in this province. Even the notion that we can only trust unionized workers in information services because we know who they are is ridiculous. The SGEU is nothing more than a fear mongering group using hard earned money from their "brothers and sisters" to get us to vote the union friendly NDP back into power. Their problem is that many of the average union people can see they are being used as pawns and aren't buying it.

  14. It is becoming harder and harder for the unions to control their message in today's day and age. Look at the teacher's strike and how the few idiots that took to social media basically ruined the effect of the strike (there is a reason the union backed off, they were getting killed in PR because of teachers on twitter and message boards unable to articulate the position correctly).

    The SGEU is resorting to more and more misleading statements to trick the general public.

    One of the above posters brought up a good point on leaseholds.

    Is the SGEU advocating that we abandon the system of the past 100 years (allowing leaseholds to private citizens) or are they advocating that we entirely overhaul the system and never allow any entity to lease any part of any Park?

    I can't imagine the damages the governments would be paying cabin owners in the Parks if people prefer option 2.


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