Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rare and well done

Congratulations to the Station 20 group. It is a success story that is worthy of accolades.

Firstly, they took an $8 million project and will bring it in at $5 million. That is a rare feat.

Secondly, aside from raising the necessary construction money, the raised public awareness and support. They engaged the community. The future looks very bright for them in achieving all other goals. Had the government just cut a cheque only those in the community that will benefit from the objectives would appreciate the value of what they intend to do. Through their efforts, this group raised awareness and support from organizations that will probably be there for them down the road. This is the well done.

This is a lesson to us all of what can be achieved using personal initiatives rather than government handouts.


  1. Congratulations Station 20, all the success in the future.

  2. Getting the building built was never going to be the problem with this project. Who will be funding the operating cost? I take it the City is giving them a tax concession and didn't we also just give them the land (I may be wrong on that). However if this building gets filled up with a bunch of gov. agencies by expanding office locations it will be just another social program looking for government handouts. This smacks a bit like Tamara's House which started out as a community based organization privately funded and in the end had to close because of a government cut back.

    I was glad the "Wall" government didn't get caught up in this on the capital side I sure hope they don't get sucked into providing additional cash on the operating of the building as our Council is sure to be.

  3. With the onslaught of left-leaning councillors recently coming on, and likely to follow next election, you can expect a lot of funding from the City on this project.

    I can't figure out where all these investors Atch was talking about are? All we seem to be doing is giving away out land cheaply to local organizations. Remai AGS anyone?

  4. Interesting, Elaine.

    In this post, you advocate personal responsibility above government intervention, seemingly regardless of the circumstances faced by those who benefit from the organization.

    This stance is ideologically polar to your support of Cosmo Industries, which has received millions in government subsidies and funding (as they rightfully should and should continue to).

    Seems peculiar that your support of government funding of community initiatives ends where racial lines begin.

  5. Oh my god Anon 9:56,

    Are you really going to stoop so low as to imply that the Mistress (or calling her out by her name) is a racist? If you are going to lob such an accusation at least have the fortitude to put your name down and stand by your comments.

    How is race even involved? Is you implication that Station 20 will only service and help one particular race? That Station 20 isn't a community project but project for one race in a particular area?

    Did you even consider that perhaps the distinction could be drawn between adults with intellectual disabilities severe enough to prevent them from working in a typical work environment versus perfectly able and capable adults. Why do you hate handicapped people Anon 9:56?

    You are an absolute piece of trash to try smearing someone as a racist anonymously on a message board.

  6. just to note. the current project is much scaled down from the $8 million project.

    FYI, while the largest office tenant will be the health region, the rest of the space is filled with community groups like CHEP and Quint. Of course there will be the co-op grocery store run by Good Food Junction.

    The ability of S20W to keep this project alive and the response from the entire Saskatoon community has been amazing over the past three years. Congrats to all involved!

  7. Anon 9:56 - You are an absolute moron.

  8. And you, Elaine, have yet to justify why it's okay in your eyes for government to dishonour and renege on one agreement (S20W), yet not another (Cosmo).

    Your stance is completely contradictory. Why?

  9. Anon 10:11,

    The province never entered into a binding agreement to give funds to S20W. There was a budgetary commitment from a government that was defeated (perhaps, in part to a platform that included pledges like that). Cosmo has a binding contract with the City.

    It is comparing apples and oranges.

  10. yes, but the Cosmo contract doesn't bind the city to give them a set amount of paper, only what is dropped off at the depots.

  11. yes, true, but the mandatory curbside plan also includes the provisions that City no longer offer the numerous drop off depots in and around the city. again, do you really think that a private company in it to make money is going to allow other alternatives for the recycling of the most valuable materials.

    as mentioned above, all the power if the city maintains all the depots and those who want to go the extra mile to give their paper to Cosmo can. those who don't can dump it in their recycling box. but again, this won't be allowed because whoever wins the bid is going to require all the paper they can get.

  12. This was one of those times when government intervention was truly needed.

  13. it's hard to argue that government intervention isn't required to provide basic services to the poorest neighbourhood in Saskatoon.

  14. Ahh the troll out to attack Elaine with no merits to his arguments seems to have finally disappeared. Thank goodness.

    I love he asks the tough questions, then when he receives his answers shrivels into the background without so much as a wimper. That or I suspect they are still awaiting how to respond from their Party talking heads. Nothing like shutting down another of the hired NDP drones who flood the internet with their trash.

  15. Hah! And Elaine has to hide behind her slobbering drones because she cannot defend her stance.


  16. What is wrong in your life Anon 1:50 that you have to post such mean spirited attacks anonymously on a message board?

    It's pretty clear that many people share opposing viewpoints on life/politics. No one is right, they're all opinions.

    Apparently your belief is that your views are superior and anyone who disagrees is worthy of being insulted and attacked. Sad.

  17. HAH! This blog is the home of unsubstantiated right-wing name-calling and attacks.

    Certain unsavoury views get backed into a corner and the best you can do is become a pacifist by convenience and bemoan "mean spirited attacks."

    Give me a break.


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