Friday, July 22, 2011

Gone Fishin'

The Mistress has gone fishin' for the weekend. She'll be back and bloggin' Tuesday morning.

In the interim, people's thoughts on 'Splicegate'? We'll get the Mistress' thoughts on the topic Tuesday.



  1. There isn't really any other opinion that you can have other than it was a typically sleazy, low handed, and dishonest move by the NDP.

    Is anyone surprised?

    2011: the election that wipes them off the map in Sask for good.

  2. I'm waiting for Boyd and Wall to repay taxpayers for their publicly funded negative ads.

  3. There is a distinction that needs to be made between negative/attack ads and outright misleading and fabricated quotes.

    Running an attack or negative ad, while not my choice of best politicking is ethically alright. Fabricating quotes and attributing them to others is outright wrong. Think of it like this, would this be any different if they did it in print? Spliced together the words and passed it off as a quote in the paper?

    The true character of many NDP supporters has shone through during this ordeal. Given a chance to admit a wrong, or call on their party to do right thing, many (like Anon 5:25) have instead chosen to attack further and taken the 'an eye for eye' mentality. Their blind faith will not even allow them to admit to the possibility that they may be in the wrong.

  4. There is a big difference between negative ads and out right fraudulent ads. I personally don't like either, however the NDP have sunk to the lowest of the low. I doubt they will step up and apologize or even admit they were wrong. Many hardcore NDP I talked with are as disgusted as everyone else. Only those with no morals could ever support this ad.

  5. The ad is absurd, but what is inconceicable is that they continue to run it, as if there was nothing wrong with it. It reminds me of the anti-left propeganda Fox News parades as information in the US. Sometimes I think we are the same as the US, except left and right have been flipped around. Their closed minded old farts vote Republican and keep guns. Ours vote NDP and shop at the Coop.

  6. D..... probably the best comment to appear on this blog in awhile

  7. I find it odd Dan Danielson has attacked the ad despite the fact he was accussed of doing something similiar by Councillor Heidt.


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