Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More good than bad

It is fair to say that all emerging societies/governments have their fair share of carpetbaggers. Such is the case with some of FSIN Chiefs. This can only be rectified by the people which they govern and in that vein I applaud those who are actively pursuing those alleged wrongdoers.

When you think of the need of residents on reserves it is hard to believe that elected leaders in those communities would not want to see their resources going into housing, social programs and improving the quality of life for the people they represent.

On a sadder note I mourn the death of Gordon Tootoosis. I thought he was a very good actor and, better yet, a role model for young aboriginal performers and youth in general. I hope aboriginal people will balance the negative controversy surrounding their elected leaders with the positive actions of their community leaders. And I would like to see our province recognize Gordon's contribution to Saskatchewan.

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  1. This could be a touchy subject for you Mistress. I suspect there will be a few comments on here today alleging you as a racist. I agree with what you say, the notion of questioning any form of the aboriginal self government has now been marred by accusations of racism by anyone who dare. The result has been a sniffling of conversation on the topic.

    It truly is sad to see so many Chiefs mismanage the resources provided to their band. Like every other society in the world, those at the top of heap benefit themselves at the expense of the others.


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