Thursday, July 14, 2011

Law & justice do not go hand-in-hand

There is an article in today's paper (SPJuly 14/11) entitled "Justice absent from legal system" written by the fire chief in LaRonge. It is worth the read.

He comments on emotion of first responders to tragic events and the impact on the people to do those heroic jobs. We sometimes forget about how those individuals must feel and that their jobs have that very big downside.

He further comments on that Canada has a legal system, not a justice system. I fear he is correct.

In the case he deals with, a young family died in a fire that was set by an accused. After years of dragging out the process, the Crown prosecutor and the defence council cut a plea bargain. Rather than a trial for manslaughter the accused plead guilty to a lesser charge of criminal negligence causing death and was sentenced to time served - six months. He was released from jail on the date his trial was to start.

A young father, mother and 4-month-old baby died. He doesn't believe these victims received justice for their wrongful deaths. I tend to agree with him.

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