Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Its a new era

I tend to agree with Privacy Commissioner Dickson with respect to the provincial government's lackadaisical attitude towards breach of privacy laws (SP July 5/11.) As citizens we are required to divulge personal information to government agencies in order to obtain the services we pay for. We give this information with the understanding that it will be kept confidential.

What's ironic about this scenario is the information many are prepared to share with the world through the social media outlets. However the difference is that you share this information voluntarily - unless of course a video created without your consent hits U Tube.

I wonder if the Vancouver rioters that are being identified through online videos will claim breach of privacy to defend themselves to any charges and ask the courts to set aside the videos as unlawfully obtained evidence? A silly thought?

The times they are a changing and the law must keep pace.


  1. It's Youtube not U Tube Mistress.

  2. If the rioters were able to argue that point, then every bank robber who was convicted partly on the basis of surveillance cameras could argue they never consented.

    Would never happen If we started allowing evidence obtained without permission to be excluded then our system would fall apart. Anarchy.


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