Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pocket change

Although Council should be lauded for at least looking at budget cuts (SP July 12/11) the reality is what's currently on the table is peanuts, comparatively speaking.

The $7,000 to $50,000 items being contemplated for the chopping block pale in comparison to the unfunded spending that has been approved. By example, a short time ago Council approved the new bikes lanes at $6.75 million. They had $1.75 million from the federal monies held for this purpose, but have no idea where the balance of $5 million is coming from.

Transit has been a losing proposition for decades. Monies were expended to improve the service with the goal it would improve the ridership. Its still a losing proposition. Now consideration is given to remove the services that they claimed with necessary to increase ridership.

The green bin (yard and garden waste) was introduced with the intent that it would aid in the landfill issues. People signed up for this service and pay a fee for it. Doubling the cost of green bin pick up may simply have those currently paying for the service to quit using it. According to the city collection schedule you are not to put garden waste in your regular can. So where does it go?

Discontinuing the sewer roto-rooting service seems like good idea - except for the fact that for most citizens this service is to remove roots from city trees that grow into homeowners' sewer lines. And as a homeowner you cannot tamper or remove a city tree.

Everything on table represents services to residents that Council introduced over a period of time with the argument they were necessary. Apparently they were not.

Increasing the parking fees again and extending the time for paid parking will not benefit the business areas of Downtown, Riversdale and Broadway. Those big box malls with acres of free parking are looking better and better. And if parking meters are to be plugged on Sundays there are a few churches downtown that will be very unhappy.

The point is cutting these services won't make a squat of difference if you continually add new expenditures to budget. I truly would like to know what the total operational costs of the Shaw Centre Olympic pool are and what the projected operational costs of the new art gallery will be.

There is no point in going on any further. I expect this exercise is only being done to get councillors by the next election.

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  1. Clarification - you are allowed to put garden waste in your regular can but it must be bagged (as opposed to not bagging it for the green bin program). Another option is to take it to one of the City's composting locations which is a very simple process.


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