Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do?

Well, it would appear that we are waiting until 2014 to get our roads fixed and then only if the federal and provincial governments kick in (SP July 17/11.) By that time the roads will have further deteriorated and the costs be substantially higher. How ever will we get to all our new amenities? This article is silent as to whether or not monies are available under the existing Building Canada program or whether we have already tapped into that source.

I also noted in Saturday's paper (July 15/11) the hue and cry from bus riders on Council's proposed cuts to bus service. I do have great empathy for the university students due to the fact they are forced to buy a bus pass and that the mandated pass came to be at a time that service was being expanded to accommodate those students. The USSU needs to get a few law students working on this issue.

It doesn't matter were the cuts are made, someone is going to be affected and groups will be complaining. The only alternative is increased taxes and there are more people to complain about that.

Its time for the finger pointing to begin.


  1. If the city cuts off bus service at 10pm, which is conveniently the time when night classes end, they can pretty much kiss the Upass subscriptions goodbye. Why on earth would the university mandate enrollment in a program that isn't even able to accommodate students who have class or study during the evening.

    With the ridiculous system in place some trips already take 45 minutes to get across city. I'm sure many students will be willing to take off mid class to get home.

    Any savings by changing the routes will be more than offset by the loss of Upass money.

  2. ring up the bill on large capital projects that also result in larger operating costs and then try to save money on programs primarily targeted at lower income folks or raising user fees....nice move Council!

  3. isn't every programming that is cut going to result in the claim that it is hurting the lower income folks?

    don't take that as me giving council a free pass, but in all my years have never seen any program that someone didn't claim was for the lower income folks.

    bottom line is sometimes when the going is good, you increase programs. sometimes when you need to tighten the belt, you need to cut programs. it is cyclical and every program that is ever affected (whether added or subtracted) is going to affect the lower income folks. they have a disproportionaly higher number of programs

  4. why not scrap some of the major capital projects instead?

  5. I'm all for scrapping major capital projects, but people better be aware that the cost savings are nowhere near the price tag (ie. you can't expect the Remai's to let their 30 mil donation go to fixing roads, and same with prov/fed dollars involved- that and it would be laughable for the Remai and Mendel groups to work together at this point). The $85 million AGS will likely only save us about half that.

    Police Station? Please, they already sucked that money out behind closed doors and without consultation. Hardly doubt they'll do an about face now.

    South bridge already in works, Shaw Centre done, bus barns have no money allotted yet. In reality the only thing to cancel would be AGS and it would mean throwing the Remai donation back at them and would only get us about a third of the way to our goal.

  6. Are we at least making any money off the Nasser deal yet. Interesting nothing is being reported with regards to the lack of progress on that site. Another money pit the citizens of Saskatoon are stuck with.

  7. I think I saw they had built a temporary parkade on the Nasser property recently. I suppose it is getting some use. Although with the amount of subsidies being given by City you'd think they would let people park for free there.

  8. Nasser will never build. But there is no way they will say that publicly until after the next election...

  9. yeah... Parcel Y can be slid into the "hold" category for some time. The condo market is brutal in this city, and real estate's forecast to slide.

    Thanks, Atch.


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